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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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Trip to Iraq on Arbaeen- Do's and Dont's

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Wa aleykom alsalam, 

I don't really understand what it is exactly you're asking? What's good to bring during ziyara? 

Bring: A good ruck sack. Good shoes. Antigerm gel. Washing napkins. Soap. Your own towels. Your own glass/bottles so you don't have to share with others as you can get sick otherwise. Diaerreha pills (Sorry! But food and hygiene is often bad in Iraq if you're used to western food standards.). Headache pills. Bite an onion when you arrive in Iraq, a hadith says to do so if I remember correctly. 

Have a blessed journey InshaAllah! :)

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On 10/16/2018 at 2:35 AM, Hasan0404 said:


Peace and blessings be on all of you.

Any specific suggestions regarding trip to Iraq this arbaeen InshaAllah ( all major ziyaraat destinations).

Thanks in advance.


Travel light. 

Go with the most positive mindset. There will be people from all countries and cultures with their own practices. Marvel at the love of Hussain people carry in their hearts in their own way.

In Najaf and Karbala, get to the harem around 2 hours before the prayer time to get a good spot. Pray different salah or just read the Quran until salah time. 

On average, $1 = 1,100 dinar so spend money accordingly. 

There will be lots of kids around asking for money. We used to carry lots of candy and chocolate that they love so distribute those.

I used to buy the Iraqi Halwa sohen, recite nazr on it and then stand just in front of the inner shrine with their box open. People just used to walk out taking a small piece and praying for me.

Pray for all of us.

It will be the most memorable trip you will ever take.

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We heard about several long walks in solidarity with different Countries or with the affected people of different massacres along with play cards, the people who take part in such walks pay homage and conduct candlelight vigils and flower placements on the place of attacks. However, these kinds of walks remains for few days or for limited time period, after that people get busy in their mundane and in life chores.

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Drones banned at Arbaeen rituals in Karbala


http://fa.abna24.com/news/اعمال-و-مناسك-مذهبي/مجموعه-هشدارهای-اربعینی-چهل-تصویر-برای-زیارتی-بهتر-و-امن-ت_742116.html   (advises in picture & farsi text)

http://fa.abna24.com/news/اخبار-مجمع/بروشورهای-مجمع_742180.html  (Downloading Brochures in Arabic & Farsi)


October 18, 2018 - 5:26 PM News Code : 913327 Source : TasnimLink: 
Drones banned at Arbaeen rituals in Karbala

Local authorities of Iraq’s Karbala Governorate banned drones and quadcopters from the Arbaeen mourning ceremony, citing security issues. 

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http://fa.abna24.com/news/اعمال-و-مناسك-مذهبي/مجموعه-هشدارهای-اربعینی-چهل-تصویر-برای-زیارتی-بهتر-و-امن-ت_742116.html   (advises in picture & farsi text translation is available below for entering ,staying & leaving)

The second part notes the location of the stop at the border

God willing, pilgrims take the Iraqi visa and the choice of their fellow citizens at the land and air borders, taking the necessary measures, taking the necessary measures, by registering the departure of Iran and entering Iraq.

The steps to be followed at this stage are as follows:

14. The length of time that we wait on the ground borders to register the seal of Iran and the stamp of Iraq, we endure patience with patience and tolerance.

16. Given the demographic density at the terminals and borders, it is very important to have "fortunes" and "passing", and it also increases the rewards of pilgrimage.

Respect for other elders, especially elders, observance of the elderly and women, cooperation with Iranian and Iraqi officials, pressure and not pushing for crowds and avoiding doing any opposing of these cases, are important pilgrims on this trip.

17. In airports, due to the creation of fantastic flights, happeدs can be flown with delays. In this situation, patience and tolerance will be the path to the pilgrims.


* Part III Notices after arrival in Iraq

18. Comply with the safety, health and safety recommendations.
For example, the use of a "mask" can greatly prevent the spread of viral diseases.

19. Pilgrims do not leave the designated routes for hiking and pedestrians. For example, on the Najaf route to Karbala, do not enter the paths of the car.
Unfortunately, in the past year, due to the entry of a pedestrian into the car, several crashes occurred.

20. The group members do not meet every fifty or one hundred perpendiculars in order not to lose each other on the hiking trail. In such a way that all members of the group, for example, meet each other on a periphery 133, then continue on their path. Then again, on the perpendicular 233, they see each other ...
For vertical selection, use non-redundant numbers, because usually the applications with busy Rand numbers are used.

21. The pilgrims who walk are required to stay in the curbs before the Azan of the Maghreb for night rafting and do not postpone the night after the first night because they may not find a place to rest and forced to rest in the open air They do. In this case, the likelihood of a disease will increase.

22. Put the passport into a compartment in the form of a neck, and always on the path or at rest.
Putting it inside a bag, sack and ... the risk of missing it and the subsequent troubles.

23. Avoid photographing critical points and domains (ie checkpoints).
Also, do not refrain from traveling to uncertain places and pay special attention to the officials' notes.

24. Avoid receiving gifts and Trusts from anonymous persons, including books, Mafatih, gifts, pens, bags, etc.
Avoid getting food from anonymous and especially mobile wearers.

25. Avoiding actions that undermine the sanctity and valor of archean pilgrimage will be avoided like begging.
In contrast, patterns of pure Islamic behaviors, such as respect for the elders and religious observance, are shown.

26. It is very important to observe the hijab from the Iranian pilgrim's ladies. The veil in Iraq is tiled and black in color. Therefore, covering a colored tent, mantle, scarf and the like is not acceptable and causes the pilgrim and pessimism to Iranian society.

27. During this walk, we will take advantage of this opportunity by thinking more about the revolutuin of Hosseini, the suffering of the convoy and the words of Zaynab (peace be upon him).
Participating in the cultural events, lectures and mourning of mosques, which take place along the trails and in the city of Karbala, helps to this.

28. Do not pay attention to rumors and prevent them from spreading in mosques and among other pilgrims.

29. After arriving at the place of settlement in Najaf, Karbala, Kazimain and Samarra, we must remember the address of the mosque or your place of residence. Given the many similarities between the caretakers, note the name of the caretaker and its exact address and, if any, we will receive and accompany the carcass card.

30. It is necessary for the honorable pilgrims to become familiar with the customs and traditions of the Iraqi people.
For example, those who accept Iraqi invitations to home know that the custom in home-catering is at most 3 days no more! Therefore, avoid staying in of their homes more than  common.

31. Due to the difference in weather, the variety of foods, and the differences in the taste of cooking, it is imperative that the moderation of eating and the cooking of different foods be avoided.
Last year, gastrointestinal diseases were on the way back.

32. Care should be taken to ensure the safety of tent mats and tents to prevent such things as robbery and fire.

33. We note that we are not a creditor to the Iraqi people! They are very hostile hosts, which are what they are doing in sincerity and purposely serving the pilgrims.

34. It is necessary to know that many Iraqi people, especially the people of Karbala and Najaf, are familiar with Persian or its vocabulary. So, be more careful about interactions and conflicts, and do not hurt them with the notion that they  understand our words.

35. One of the moral duties, participation of the people of prayer, Imam Khomeini,  martyrs  veterans who opened the road to Karbala, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution and all the lovers and followers of Hosseini who did not have the opportunity to do this trip. The rewards of this pilgrimage.
Therefore, we will partner with all of these loved ones in the rewards of this pilgrimage and travel on their behalf.

36. According to the opinions of the scholars  announcement, including Ayatullah Sistani and many scholars of Iran to accepting the pilgrimage of Arba'in instead of the Arba'in Day, if we arrive earlier in Karbala, leave the city after  pilgrimage  to the problems Do not encounter after the ceremony.

37. Iraqi Mawkebs are collected from afternoon of Arbaeen Day.
Therefore, with regard to the end of the service,  exit  faster from Karbala.

38. Exit from Iraq before visa expiry, because unauthorized residence will have a heavy fine; the first day, $ 30 and an additional $ 10 each day.
Moreover, in addition to direct fines, wandering in various departments for exclusion, it causes other inconveniences and costs.

39. After the end of the ceremony, we know that all the pilgrims, the officials, the Servants of Atabat, etc. are all tired and we are not just that we are tired.Naturally, the expulsion of millions of people and pilgrims who have arrived within a minimum of two weeks and will exit within a maximum of a few days will have many problems in terms of lack of means of transportation, congestion at terminals, long walks, and more.Therefore, maintaining the respect of the elders and observing the rights of each other and patience and tolerance of the circumstances of this time.

40. Those who become ill will Quarantine themselves after returning to their country, reducing the risk of infection for family members, colleagues and other citizens.

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Pray when time sets in.

Be in a state of sadness, deprived, thirsty and hungry

Be humble on your walk

Recite abundant zikr

Observe hijab in the most carefully way

Remember our imam Sahib az zaman (afs)

Refrain from joking and futile talk

Help your fellow zair

Pay attention to keeping the places clean

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