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In the Name of God بسم الله

Zahur of the 12th Imam.

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7 hours ago, Qambarabbas54325 said:


Can anybody tell me if the 12th Imam will "reborn" or will "reappear" .

Wa alaykum as salaam

He (may Allah hasten his reappearance) is Muhammad al-Mahdi (son of Hasan al-Askari), and is currently alive. He's been alive for the past 1,100 years or so, but does not look old; rather Allah has made him look young, in his mid thirties. He will reappear and spread justice throughout the entire world, and leave no more oppression to exist.. when Allah finally allows him to. But, to do that, he needs 313 loyal companions to be present on this Earth. If they are not present, he will not be allowed to reappear yet.

 Who are the 313, you may ask? This video should help


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13 minutes ago, 3wliya_maryam said:

Imam Mahdi a.s will reappear. The Sunnis believe that he isn't born yet

their belief backs to Israelites & Zoroastrian scriptures in their scriptures specillay Zoroastrian scriptures you can find many similarities to Soshiant

. He is identified as the son of Vîspa.taurwairî and it is stated that he will come forth from Lake Kansaoya/Kansava and will carry the the same weapon Verethragna that a number of Iranian epic heroes and kings have used in the past against various demonic foes. 

The story of the Saoshyant's conception and early life are described in Denkard 7.10.15ff as follows: Thirty years before the decisive final battle, a maiden named Eredat-fedhri ("Victorious Helper") and whose nickname is "Body-maker" will enter a lake (in Yasht 19.92, this is "Lake Kansava"). Sitting in the water, the girl, who has "not associated with men" will receive "victorious knowledge." Her son, when born, will not know nourishment from his mother, his body will be sun-like, and the "royal glory" of the Khvarenah will be with him. Then, for the next 57 years he will subsist on only vegetables (17 years), then only water (30 years) and then for the final 10 years only on "spiritual food."


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what is said today & popular is a prophecy by Imam Ali (as)

They open the castles and will conquer Iraq, to answer any disagreement with the bloodshed. At that time, the appearance of the saheb al-Zaman (Ajlullah Almighty Farajeh al-Sharif) be awaited ...severe incident and destitution to take place, splitters will split , the the Sharpenings will fly ... Iraq will conquer and Answer to any discrepancy is with bleeding

بشاره الاسلام ص74

Besharah Al'Islam p74



a group of  people are interrupting it as firing missiles (splitters) by IRGC also IRGC near a month ago presented a new type of Air fighter (Sharpenings)


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