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In the Name of God بسم الله

The Martyrdom of the Infant (Abdullah bin al-Husayn) (as)

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The Martyrdom of the Infant of al-Husayn (as)


The Martyrdom of the Infant of al-Husayn (as)

Al-Husayn [(as) then] sat down and his baby was brought to him. [He was an infant or [a little] older than that] called ‘Abdullah bin al-Husayn13

and he seated him on his lap.14 [The baby] was in his lap as one of the Banu Asad [either Harmalah bin Kahil or Hani’ bin Thubait al-Hadhrami] shot an arrow which slaughtered him. Al-Husayn (as) caught [the child’s] blood [in the palm of his hand]. When his palm was full, he poured it on to the ground and said: “O Lord, if it be so that You have kept the help of Heaven from us, then let it be for something better [according to Your wisdom]. Take vengeance on these oppressors on our behalf.”15,16


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The narrator said that when Husayn (a.s.) saw the slain bodies of his companions he personally became ready for fighting with the enemy.

He cried: "Is there anyone to defend the family of the Prophet of Allah? Is there anybody who knows Allah and fears Him regarding our rights? Is there any helper to help us for the sake of Allah's mercy? Is there any helper who would help us, seeking the Allah’s Rewards?"

At that time, a wailing arose from the womenfolk. The Imam came to the entrance of the tent said: "O my sister Zainab! Bring my little son24 so that I may bid him goodbye." Imam took him up to kiss him. Harmala25 threw an arrow, which pierced the neck of the little infant. Imam asked Zainab: "Hold him." Then he collected the child’s blood in his palms and threw it towards the sky, saying: "How easy are these afflictions that have befallen me in the Path and Presence of the Almighty Allah!"

Imam Baqir (a.s.) has said, "Not even a drop of that blood fell back on the ground." According to another tradition, which appears more reason- able, it was not a normal situation and the Imam, was so busy in the battle, who should not had called for the child. It is said that at that mo-ment Zainab, sister of Imam, brought the baby to him and said: "This child of yours has not had water for the last three days. Please ask water for quenching his thirst."

Imam (a.s.) took the child in his arms and exclaimed: "O people! You killed my companions, friends, and my household. And now only this infant has remained which is wailing for water. Give him some water for quenching his thirst." While Imam was uttering those words, a man from the enemy army threw an arrow, which pierced the infant's neck.


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Martyrdom of the suckling child (Abdullah, Ali al Asghar)

His mother was Rabab, the daughter of Imru al Qays bin Adi, and her mother was Hind al Hanood.

Sayyid Ibn Tawoos says that when Imam Husayn (a.s.) saw the corpses of his youth and friends, he resolved to be martyred, and called out,

“Is there anyone who could defend the family of the Prophet of Allah?

Is there any monotheist who would fear Allah in respect of us?

Is there any aide who could come to assist us for the sake of Allah?

Is there anyone who could rush to our aid in lieu of reward from Allah?”

The voice of lamenting of the ladies arose and Imam came to the door of the tent and called for Zainab (a.s.) saying,

“Give me my infant child so that I may bid him farewell”.

Then he took him in his arms and bent to kiss his lips. Hurmala bin Kahil Asadi shot at arrow at the child, which pierced his neck and severed his head. (May Allah’s Mercy and Blessings be upon him and may Allah’s curse be upon his murderer)

A Poet says regarding this,

“And the one who bent to kiss his child, but the arrow preceded him in kissing his neck”.

Then he called out to Sayyidah Zainab (a.s.) to take him back. He filled his palm with the child’s blood and threw it towards the heavens saying,

“Every hardship is easy upon me when Allah is the Beholder”.

Shaikh Mufeed says regarding the suckling child that Imam Husayn (a.s.) sat in front of the tent while Abdullah, who was an infant, was brought to him. A man from the Bani Asad killed him by shooting an arrow at him.

Azdi says that Aqabah bin Basheer Asadi relates from Imam Muhammad al Baqir (a.s.) that he told me,

“O Bani Asad! We hold a liability of blood among you”.

I asked, “O Aba Ja’far! What sin do I share in it? And which is that blood?” Imam replied,

“A child was brought to Imam Husayn (a.s.), who held him in his lap, one person from among you, the Bani Asad, shot an arrow at him and severed his head. Imam gathered his blood and when both of his palms became full of the blood, he sprinkled it upon the earth and said, ‘Almighty Allah! If You have withheld assistance from the heavens, then bestow upon us that which is better, and take our revenge from these evil-doers’.”

Sibt Ibn Jawzee relates in his Tazkirah from Hisham bin Muhammad Kalbi, that when Imam Husayn (a.s.) saw them persistent on killing him, he brought the Qur’an and opening it placed it upon his head, and called out,

“The Qur’an and my grandfather, the Prophet of Allah (S), are the judge between yourselves and me. O people! How do you consider the shedding of my blood to be lawful? Am I not the grandson of your Prophet? Has not the tradition of my grandfather reached you regarding me and my brother that we are the Masters of the youth of Paradise? Then ask Jabir (bin Abdullah Ansari), Zaid bin Arqam and Abu Sa’eed Khudri. Is not Ja’far at Tayyar my uncle?”

Shimr replied, “You shall shortly hasten towards ‘the raging fire’ (of hell) (Allah’s refuge)”. Imam said,

“Allah is great! My grandfather the Prophet of Allah informed me, that he saw a dog filling his throat with the blood of his Ahlul Bayt (a.s.), and I perceive that it is none other than you”.

Shimr replied, “I shall worship Allah by the tongue only, if I understand what you speak”. Imam Husayn (a.s.) turned his face and saw his infant weeping due to thirst. He took him in his lap and said,

“O people! If you do not pity me, at least pity this young one”.

A man shot an arrow at the child and severed his neck. Imam wept and said,

“O Allah! Be a judge between us and those who invited us, having promised assistance, and in return killed us”.

A voice came from the heavens calling out to him,

“Leave him O Husayn! For he has a maid awaiting to nurse him in Paradise”.

Then Haseen bin Tameem shot an arrow at his lips and blood flowed from it. Imam wept and then said,

“O Allah! I complain to You regarding how they have faired with me, my brothers, my sons and my family”.

Ibn Nima says that then he lifted up the child and placed him among the martyrs of his family.

Muhammad bin Talha quotes in his Matalibus Su’ool from the book Futooh, that Imam Husayn (a.s.) had an infant child. An arrow was shot at him that killed him, and then Imam dug a grave with his sword for him and reciting Prayers upon him, buried him. Then he quotes an elegy.

It is stated in Ehtijaj, that when Imam Husayn (a.s.) was left alone and none remained with him except his son Ali Zainul Abedeen (a.s.) and a suckling child named Abdullah. He lifted up the child to bid farewell, when an arrow came and pierced the neck killing him. Imam dismounted from his horse and dug a grave with the sheath of his sword, then he buried the child under the sand drenched in his blood, he then leapt from his place, arose and recited elegies. 


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