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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

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The Economic Human.

It is no longer in style to be a Moral, Ethical Human.

Corporate mentality has taken over the human life. They see everything thru this framework.( Personal, Social, Political=Religion)

Individual achievements, short term plan/success is promoted, blending in is desired and is essential for success.

Personal and Religious events are planned with corporate look and feel. More like a annual investors conference. 

Any thoughts?

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The composition of the Economic Human, has many parts some governing parts are

First ( Woodstock/Hollywood/bollywood/Music /fashion industry) influence geared towards their animal desires/pleasures-lifestyle),

Second (Wall Street syndrome) Individual Financial drive/success,

Third, some sort of spiritual fulfillment ment(hence the need to search for spiritual paths/mostly at personal level).

New Religion ( The way of Life) that controls their individual, family, social, community, political and spiritual needs have the above pillars that drive it( their new Faith). They are not passionless or emotional less as it may seem - its misdirected in the desire/pleasure/economic fields. It has been propagated with vigor since the WW11 understand the backdrop of Economic success. Corporate mentality  has its tentacles in the individual, family, school and university system, as there is a vicious feedback loop due to design. It will keep producing an upgraded(morally/ethically defunct) version of corporate human and family structure.

Now, anything that has community good/welfare, morals, ethics, loyalty, sacrifice, long terms notions is not properly understood by the youths as they are the products of this system. Immediate satisfaction/results resonates with them, other things are counter productive/intuitive to them.

In addition, the youths are driven by their hormonal needs so the CPU(Central Processing Unit) is always occupied/overload  with animal pleasure subsystem on high drive. As the marriage age increases this will have a detrimental effect on the society. As a hungry man is only concerned with getting some food, the immediate need. So, if one is not free and satisfied with the natural desires will naturally be preoccupied and will not have time or the free processing space/ power for majority till  the age of 25-30 +, usual marriage age and climbing. Couple that with Corporate mentality and indoctration. You are looking at lost time and age and beginning to understand higher realities and long term consequences.

25 is the new 15, and the teenage is between 25-30. After that they may start to look and  it is also based on environment they are in. So really, age of maturity is 30 plus in the new world. This is very late start and as we are creatures of habit, most of the habits are already formed.

Work hard (career/financial success at all costs) and play hard(pleasure/lifestyle without boundaries)  mentality will keep inforcing the above.

Don’t be surprised if they have  no interest in What they see as old religion(way of life), without immediate results. Wall street and corporate structure reinforces this mentality.

How do you break this negative feedback loop?

We are in  the month of Muharram, How can you use the event/lessons of Karbala to counter this trend. They are intelligent people, but their minds have been colonized. They will gravitate towards the Pure Truth, not convoluted/illogical ideas that do not make sense to them nor to us for the last 1400 years. 

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As you are all aware,

An animal

1)Avoids pain

2)Seeks pleasure

3)Looks to survive

Do, you see any similarities here?

Survival of the fittest mentality, lacks moral, ethics, empathy, love etc..Appreciation of anything that is not related to pleasure and Money/power. Only what is in it for me. Economic forces/laws select the winners here. (Natural selection at economic level).

Now look at the societies of Economic Humans, and observe if the family system has broken down, personal relationships  have a corporate undertone, and are forged due to pleasure and monetary goals in mind. And these unions have a very short lifespan-new generation have very high dependency on anti depressants and psychological issues. Lack empathy, love and the vicious cycle continues.  Very angry, at the world- pass time venting and complaining about  any and all to make themselves feel better. It is a fact, that when you vent you feel better. Internet is an outlet, you see judgmental behaviors - mocking at others or things they do not  understand or comprehend - they are just frustrated and  angry at the system which abandoned them. You have to feel sorry form them.  Very high dropout rate and percentage of them moving on to university is low. They return the favor by sending their parent who were not available for them to senior citizen homes. As they are economic humans and have no use for such relationships not economically beneficial nor do they value love or understand it. Personal space/pleasure/economic interests are valued and old people don't fit in the plan/they become a burden. Love to them is something else- monetary related as they are groomed by the system to understand it.

Economic Humans do prepare for their version of day of judgement, and heaven and hell. Day of judgement here, mean the day they retire and their financial net worth (assets minus liabilities ) determines if they will abide in financial heaven -positive net worth and is enough to last till they die or hell if they have negative net worth.

Another thing you may notice is that Economic Humans /societies  lack satisfaction and are empty. Nothing is real, it's all fake and made up/superficial. A very high rate of mental and psychological problem and dependency of anti depressants and a high rate of early check out from life( utilizing the self destruct option).


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