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Islam, Homo Sapiens, Adam and Eve

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The theory is pretty solid and there is a lot of evidence..

According to scientists, We even DNA of homo neanderthals as we mixed with them and this also historically accurate, also homo sapiens and homo neanderhals coexisted and you won't be able to tell a difference between their skeletons.



How to reconcile with religion??

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49 minutes ago, alidu78 said:

A question I am asking to myself however is that if we are also descendant of the humans who were in earth before Adam (as) according to Islam. 

salam it siad there was creatures in name of Nasnas that had some near half attributes of humans


in a hadith by Imam Ali (as) Nasnas & Jin created 7,000 years before creation of Adam (as) 

[6] . شیخ صدوق، محمد بن علی، علل الشرائع، ج 1، ص 104، نشر کتاب فروشی داوری، قم، چاپ اول، 1385

Sheikh Saduq ,Elal'Al'sharaieh ,v1,p401 

1. مجلسى، بحار الأنوار، مؤسسة الوفاء بيروت، 1404 ه ق، ج‏58، ص 298.

Majlisi ,bihar Al anwar, v58 p298



A man told Imam Ja'far Sadiq (AS): Mybe I ransome for you, people think the life of the world is 7,000 years. The Imam said: "It is not so that they say that God created the world and passed away 50,000 years and left it empty and dead without any creature for 10 thousand years, then God was about to create, then the creature that is not the jinn  not angel and not man and ordained them 10,000 years , because their fall approached, they corrupted the land, so God destroyed them. again God left earth empty and uninhabited, without any possession, for 10,000 years. Then he created these jinns and appointed them 10,000 years to them. As their fall approached, they committed corruption and bloodshed on the earth, which is what the angels said: "Are you guilty of Fifa, I am Fiftha, Visfak al-Duma; Do you put someone on the ground to corrupt and bleed?" As the jinn did. So God destroyed them. Then they decided to make Adam. He created him and appointed him 10,000 years. from That day, 7,200 years passed, and now you are at the end of the day ". (Tafsir Ayashi, vol. 1, p. 49, hadith 8).


also it is said Nasnas are people that don't belive to Wilayah of Imams (as)

بحارالانوار، ج 24، ص 94 و 95، حديث 1 و 2

Majlisi ,bihar Al anwar, v24 p94 ,95 hadith 1 , 2


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We can check the percentage of Neanderthal blood through Ancestry DNA tests, it's solid. 

I would say that Adam (as) was the successor of other peoples, and not himself the first one. Maybe the man whom we all descend from (Y-chromosomal Adam), however, it is not necessary that him and mitochondrial Eve both lived in the same time. However, it doesn't remove the possibility of mutual time existence. 

The thing about the Qur'an, is, it doesn't describe creation of the cosmos and the origins of life like the OT and NT. Rather, in Islam, the possibility is open and we can accept almost everything. There are already many flaws in creationism, panspermia and abiogenesis. That's why I believe in theistic evolution. 


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Salaamun aleikum, i had this exact same conversation with a knowledgeable sister i know about 2 weeks ago. I brought up the point that scientific evidence has shown there to be at least 3 separate types of pre-humans that interbred with homo sapien sapiens (our current generation, through Prophet Adam (AS)

I personally have no problem with Adam(AS) being created from clay or whatever and being placed here with his wife, Hawa, and that everyone in existence is descended from these 2.  Where my problems stem from is WHO their children married to..there are a few different theories, like Allahسُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى having allowed marriage between brothers and sisters at that time due to the shariah being different, (Allamah Tabatabais idea) then theres the "Allahسُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى provided hoories for them (i dont ascribe to this one and dont know where it comes from, probably hadith)  Then theres  the one that seems more likely to me, only because its showing up in DNA-that there were still some of the pre-Adamite species left at the time of Adam(AS) and Hawas creation, and their children married into then. How else can we explain the DNA evidenced in different humans, where some humans have certain pre-human DNA in them and other groups/races of current humans have DNA from a DIFFERENT pre-human specie not found within other humans DNA:/ ???  This is confusing me for a while, and i must admitt i didnt get anywhere with my friend cuz shes sticking with what Allamah Tabatabai says, even though this scientific evidence came out after his writing of Al MIzan and after his passing, May Allah rest his soul and accept from him.

Any other thoughts on this?

Its just really hard for me to fathom brothers and sisters marrying, but i was told this is because i have grown up in a world that detests it, religious and even secular (under normal circumstances, alhamdulilah!) But that ba k then, it wouldnt have been a big deal. <shudder>


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