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Do we have any authentic hadith (from Shia sources) that mentions the number of wives and slaves of Nabi Sulayman (as)? 

So we have any authentic hadith like this:

Narrated Abu Huraira:

(The Prophet) Solomon son of (the Prophet) David said, "Tonight I will go round (i.e. have sexual relations with) one hundred women (my wives) everyone of whom will deliver a male child who will fight in Allah's Cause." On that an Angel said to him, "Say: 'If Allah will.' " But Solomon did not say it and forgot to say it. Then he had sexual relations with them but none of them delivered any child except one who delivered a half person. The Prophet (ﷺ) said, "If Solomon had said: 'If Allah will,' Allah would have fulfilled his (above) desire and that saying would have made him more hopeful." https://sunnah.com/bukhari/67/175

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1 hour ago, Follower of Ahlulbayt said:

I was asking from Shia sources if we have anything like this

i don't find nothing

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