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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Tattoo Advice

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Wa 'alaikum salam. I really wouldn't prefer a tattoo, it's permanent. Don't know whether it's fully neutral to the health either. If there was any tattoo suggestion I'd make, is not to get a tattoo at all ':) Also, some say it's halal (such as Sayyed as-Sistani) and some might say it is haram (have not found an example), and there are other opinions, such as:

"Tattoos are considered Makruh (disliked and discouraged). However, it is not permissible to have Quranic verses, names of Ahlulbayt (a.s), drawings of Imams (a.s), Hadiths, unislamic and inappropriate images or the likes tattooed onto the body. And if the ink was the type that remains above the skin, then it would be considered prohibited. However, if it was of the type to go beneath the skin, it would be considered permissible but Makruh." from ayatullah Shirazi. So that is something you might want to keep in mind too when making you decision :) 

Sayed Khamenei, like most maraji', says that the tattoo in itself is halal. However, you also have to consider all the social and cultural circumstances. If the tattoo is something which is associated with kuffar and is seen as a symbol of non-religious people (which it is in most places) then it can become haram. My humble advice to you is not to get a tattoo because many people regret it when they get older and they want to marry. Very few of the pious brothers I know would marry a sister if she had a tattoo. And for the brothers, very few men would give permission for their daughter's marriage.

Quote from another user in 2011 with which I agree. I recommend counselling your wife and/or children. 



some links I found about health:




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You shouldn't ask people to tell you what to tatoo. You need to decide that for yourself. I wanted to get one for perhaps 7-8 years before I got mine.

Finally I decided to get it after a religious experience. It's just a small one in arabic on my wrist. I love it. I have never regretted it as it reminds me of that religious experience. 

Just think everything through properly before deciding. Make it something special and valuable to you. Good luck! 

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