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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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The Martyrdom of Hani’ bin ‘Urwah

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The Martyrdom of Hani’ bin ‘Urwah

After the martyrdom of Muslim bin ‘Aqil, [Ibn Ziyad] declined to fulfil his promise [to Muhammad bin al-Ash’ath that he would return Hani’ to him in order to avoid the enmity of [Hani’s] tribesmen; for it was him who took him to Ibn Ziyad]. ‘Ubaidullah then ordered for Hani’ bin ‘Urwah and said: “Take him to the market place and cut off his head.”

So Hani’ was taken -while he his hands were tied behind his back- to a place in the market where sheep were sold. Hani’ began to shout: “O Madhhij! There is no one from Madhhij for me today! O Madhhij! Where are the Madhhij to help me!”

When he saw that no one is helping him, he pulled his hand and wrenched it free of the handcuff, saying: “Is there no stick, knife, stone or bone with which one can defend himself!” [At this] they jumped on him and tied him [more] tightly. Then it was said to him: “Stretch your neck forward.” Hani’ said: “I am not so generous with my life, I will not help you against myself.”

Then a Turkish slave of ‘Ubaidullah by the name of Rashid108 struck him with [his] sword to no avail. So Hani’ said: “To Allah is the return. O Allah, to Your mercy and pleasure [do I return]!” Then he struck him again and killed him.109[May Allah’s mercy and pleasure be upon him. Then they took his head to Ibn Ziyad].110

Those Who Were Killed After Muslim and Hani’

After killing Muslim and Hani’, ‘Ubaidullah bin Ziyad ordered for ‘Abd al-A’ala al-Kalbi, the one arrested by Kathir bin Shihab at Banu Fityan. So he was brought [before Ibn Ziyad]. Ibn Ziyad said to him: “Tell me about your case.”

He said: “May Allah make you among the righteous! I had [just] come out to see what the people were doing when Kathir bin Shihab arrested me.”

[Ibn Ziyad said]: “You must heavily swear that you did not come out for some other reason”, but al-Kalbi refused to do so [and ‘Ubaidullah got convinced that he had come out in support of Muslim].

Then, Ibn Ziyad ordered [saying]: “Take this man to the cemetery of Sabi’ and behead him there.” So they took him and killed him.

Then ‘Umarah bin Salkhab al-Azdi was brought before ‘Ubaidullah. He was among those who intended to mobilize people in support of Muslim bin ‘Aqil.

[Ibn Ziyad] asked him: “From which clan are you?”

He replied: “From Azd.”

[Ibn Ziyad] then said: “Take him to his people [and kill him there].” So he was taken and beheaded amidst his people.111


The Event of Taff, The Earliest Historical Account of the Tragedy of Karbala’

Abu Mikhnaf


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