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In the Name of God بسم الله

A look at the Nurcu sect (which I have adopted) and their take on mahdi


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First off, some background info: 



here is a nurcu website's interpretation of mahdi: https://questionsonislam.com/article/what-are-properties-mahdi

one Nurcu disciple i watched said that according to abjad calculations (ilm ul cifr) the risale would last until 2115 CE. in sunni hadeeths, it is said there would be a cool breeze taking the souls of all the believers and all "who had even an ounce of faith in their hearts" for 7 years before judgement day. (like the rapture). that leaves a few years until 2126, July 12, when swift tuttle, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comet_Swift–Tuttle a comet is said to be predicted to collide with earth and make an explosion the size of millions of atom bombs, potentially causing judgement day. 

so here;s a timeline:

1453, muharram 10, friday, mahdi appears (may 2, 2031), sunnis and shias unite due to the praise in the risale i nur for ali and ahl al bayt and the timing and the soft nature of the risale and its utmost truth and the truth of the mahdi. (according to my analysis)

40 years later, dajjal appears

it is believed by some nurcus that the great dajjal is the world order of corruption and fitan brought about by communism. others say an actual dajjal would appear. gulenists believe (some of them) that the sufyan of this century is erdogan. other say ataturk was the only sufyani. either way, all will be defeated by mahdi (as) and jesus (as). jesus rules 40 years. 7 years later, all believers die.

the worst of people die a few years later.

some more info:  https://questionsonislam.com/question/why-december-21-2012-so-exaggerated 


check it out on habibur.com for hijri dates on google



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On 7/19/2018 at 3:28 AM, Sinan said:

Actually im not sure if i want to adopt the nurcu sect. Nevermind. But this is just a perspective

Salam , I think following this sects is like as you refuse to use clear water source of knowledge & instead of it you will use a muddy cup of unclean water . 

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