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In the Name of God بسم الله

Rejecting the Sunnah of the Prophet (saw)

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May be I have totally misunderstood the concept of sunnah. The definition I found was:

The sunnah of Muhammad includes his specific words (Sunnah Qawliyyah), habits, practices (Sunnah Fiiliyyah), and silent approvals (Sunnah Taqririyyah). According to Muslim belief, Muhammad was the best exemplar for Muslims, and his practices are to be adhered to in fulfilling the divine injunctions, carrying out religious rites, and moulding life in accord with the will of God. Instituting these practices was, as the Quran states, a part of Muhammad's responsibility as a messenger of God. Recording the sunnah was an Arabian tradition and, once people converted to Islam, they brought this custom to their religion.

Based on the above, I made the determination that the Prophet (saw) asking Imam Ali (as) for help in a variety of affairs can and should be considered established sunnah. Then I remembered the following:

O Sons of 'Abdu 'l-Muttalib! By Allah, I do not know of any person among the Arabs who has come to his people with better than what I have brought to you. I have brought to you the good of this world and the next, and I have been commanded by the Lord to call you unto Him. Therefore, who amongst you will support me in this matter so that he may be my brother (akhhi), my successor (wasiyyi) and my caliph (khalifati) among you?
This was the first time that the Prophet openly and publicly called the relations to accept him as the Messenger and Prophet of Allah; he also uses the words "akhi wa wasiyyi wa khalifati- my brother, my successor, my caliph" for the person who will aid him in this mission. No one answered him; they all held back except the youngest of them - 'Ali bin Abi Talib. He stood up and said, "I will be your helper, O Prophet of God."
The Prophet put his hand on the back of 'Ali's neck and said:
"Inna hadha akhhi wa wasiyyi wa khalifati fikum, fasma'u lahu wa ati'u - Verily this is my brother, my successor, and my caliph amongst you; therefore, listen to him and obey."

Based on my limited knowledge, I think calling upon Ali is sunnah as the very least (based on the definition of sunnah) and obligatory at most (based on the Prophet (saw) making Imam Ali (as) his wasi in return for promising to help the Prophet (saw)). I could even argue that the Prophet using Imam Ali (as) for services to Islam was divine Will.

But then someone on SC said the following:

On 6/3/2018 at 1:48 PM, Intellectual Resistance said:

Arguing because the Prophet (saw) asked Ali (as) to do some things for him and for the army, and so we can supplicate to him for our needs is erroneous logic my dear brother. This isn't a personal attack against you, it's an honest assessment of whatever you presented. 


On 6/3/2018 at 3:05 PM, Intellectual Resistance said:

Of course, but don't say in the same breath it is okay to supplicate to Ali (as) because the Prophet asked him one day to get him a glass of water, and so you can ask him for your needs. 

What am I missing?

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Clearly I don't understand sunnah. So can I say that along with rejecting the idea that asking Imam Ali (as) for help as sunnah, we can possibly reject the following:

Sunnah - Replacement

Wash both hands up to the wrists - use hand sanitizer
Remove your shoes before eating - would look weird at restaurants, keep them on.
Sit on the floor and eat - we have tables now.
Eat with the right hand - fork should be held in the left hand
After eating, lick the fingers. - yuck, who uses hands any more?
It is Sunnah to sleep immediately after the Esha Salaah. - Netflix time now
To brush the teeth with a miswaak. - Colgate all the way/ syndodyne if you have bad gums.
To apply surmah in both the eyes. - what am I? a girl?
To recite the dua before entering the home - Just ring the door bell
To greet those that are in the house with “Assalaamu alaykum.” - what up peeps?
To apply itr. (This applies to men only) - cologne or eau de parfume
For men to keep a beard that is one fist in length. - No need, got Norelco/Philips beard trimmer.
Sleeping and waking up early  - can't do either...netflix
Oiling hair - deep conditioning now
Doing hijama (cupping) - tatbir???

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If someone does not get it, the above is an attempt at sarcasm. We treat random actions as sunnah but forget that the real sunnah is to love, cherish and hold dear the Prophet (saw) and his AhlulBayt (as).

Everything else is secondary to muwadad-fil-kurba.

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