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In the Name of God بسم الله

What made you laugh today?

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41 minutes ago, Hameedeh said:

A radio host was saying that he bought his son a smart watch for his 11th birthday. I thought, aww, that's really nice. Then after a pause, he said Now I am tracking his location wherever he goes. LOL 

So, in addition to Big Brother and Big Mother, we now have "Big Daddy" watching us.

"Watching US" :hahaha:"Unintended pun." So l underlined it.

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pft9jt87yggbegvvfggfAn old school paper, about 60 years old, that l found going through my accumulated life baggage.

ln third grade we were told to do an open writing assignment --which is evident from the teachers comment. 

Please note, the spelling is not only atrocious, it is an orthographic atrocity.

.                                      Comenest  (Communist)

     ln some countrys peolpe aren't alowed to vote secrety. We only have to make frinds with the Jremnes, Red Chaina, and the Red-troops. Some dearmcons stan up to sterak back at comezen.ye8urbliblippi


0kay, so this is what the teacher, Mrs.W, used her red ink on. "Countrys" was corrected with an "i.e." over the "y". "Jremnes" was corrected to Germans. "Chaina" was corrected to 'Chinese'. She underlined "dearmcons" and put a '?' above it. Added a 'd' to "stan", wrote "strike" above 'sterak' and finally "comezen" had "communists" written above it.

"dearmcons" is my capital "A" looks like a 'd' (we had cursive writing that year) and my "m" is obviously in the wrong place. "Sterak" sounds like an umpire: Steee-rack.

The date for all this junior cold war warrior opine is 29April.

And at the top of the paper she wrote, "Good idea."

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More orthographic atrocities.

You can't make this stuff up --as is said.

I have found this "Reading -Unit II" test.

Grade for the two parts: 48F/F

"aferd" for  afraid

"fier"  for  fire

"strom"  for  storm

"truble" for  trouble

"Tgm" for  Tom

"for got" for  forgot

"sqeas" [teacher makes another red "?"] for  squirrels (which she wrote in)

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In the second part, . . .

"Write the root word for each of these words."

Word           My "Answer" 

parading          parad

merrier             merrier   <--l was too dumb to know 'merry'

laziness            azin      :woot:

selves               selwe or selve  <---it reads a "w"

knives               knive

juicy                  jucy    :hahaha:


There is other goofy stuff l have.

Squirrels live in "holle tree", instead of 'hollow'.

But this last one is typical me in my forst/first thirty years (yeah, l didn't correct the typo)

What do you know about bears?

l wrote:

"There are two kinds.

They eat fish.

They eat nuts.

You can kill them for meat."

This was the school year l got paddled three times in one day. lt would have been 4, but l ran out of school with Mrs W. chasing me until she got to the top of the stairs. "First thing in the morning, H.", she said. So the next morning, she looked up when l walked in and her jaw actually dropped.

So after she does the roll, she says, "Before we get started," -l get up and walk towards the door-, "Stop H . . . l (or 'we') have something else to do first." Then she gets her paddle, looks at me with this half-angry look and says, "Let's go." Then she knocks on the door of my 2nd grade teacher. So after they two are together she explains Miss Wy has to be there because l was going to get 15 swats as decided in the office -which was 10 more than school policy. And that she'd explain the rest of the punishment later. Years later, like 15, l heard that Mrs M who'd be my 6th grade home room and other classes had spoken up for me and said no more paddling after the 15 without a consensus in the office and not to call my parents -or l'd start 'fighting' everybody. 

But you know? That was my 'best' year in grade school. :party:


OPINE: No wonder l was "socially promoted" to the 4th grade. 

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I asked my youngest son how he got a big bruise on his knee. He said he got a knee-mail. 

I still have no idea how he got bruised. 

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You may 'like' these pictures, satellite image and all.


Now, what makes me laugh is my old, demented-ing mind: lf l was a gov't, my solution would be to build coffer dams on both sides of the ship and then pump-in water until she floats. But if you look at the bow picture, her hull is damaged and there is a fear the ship will break up.

l hope SC does not have any Lloyd's of London members.

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On 4/16/2021 at 10:46 PM, hasanhh said:

lf it is one thing almost all of us can agree on, it is that politicians are stupid.


One more.

Coronavirus be like:


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l watched the dw.com documentary "Algeria -my love" or Algeria -mi amor"; something like that.

ln the documentary, these protesters were arrested for:

Charge: Promoting National Dis-unity

Specification: Flag waving (the national flag)

Now, if that ain't 1984 "double think", what is?

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I was driving in my car and was getting bent out of shape about traffic being bad, so I yelled "SERENITY NOW!" and then I thought of more stuff from Seinfeld and started laughing to myself about it.

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