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In the Name of God بسم الله

What made you laugh today?

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Well, laugh in disgust.

The prompt to look this up was a dw.com video broadcast.

This article is almost two years old: https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/friendly-satan-statue-segovia-spain/index.html

People are still petitioning to have this removed.

lt is within sight of "the Devil's Bridge" -a myth we had in grade school 60 years ago.

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No, my fellow Amerikans, this no joke.


l had to look this up because l thought it was a joke.

Check out the picture of the grilled cheese.

Here is a picture of the book:


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l checked savethemanatee.org , seaworld and National Geographic

Attacks on manatees by alligators "are extremely rare" because they are such strong swimmers with "bursts" of speed up to 20mph.

Save-the-manatee on its site says not to get too close to a manatee.

This, plus look at the depth of some of these carvings, no animal will hold still for this.

So, l believe this to be a Sick, Fake News:


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:fever:"0kay, l'II admit it. This is a sick laugh."

The title says it all:

The lmage:  https://www.urbanmilwaukee.com/2021/01/11/city-shows-off-wisconsin-center-vaccination-hub/ 

The Reality: Prompt: radio reported 1/3rd of vaccines are being throw out because if a vaccine is not given in gov't mandated order, there is a million dollar fine per instance. [Questionable, but l am incline to entertain this as likely accurate.]

ln these two articles, just reading the first couple of paragraphs is about enough.



The Analysis: a 3minute read


Threats and mismanagement is by default/theirfault negligent homicide.

0h well, as Comrade Kamal ah-Harris will quote to you, Stalin once said, "A single death is a tragedy. A million deaths is a statistic."


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Re-worded from the radio:

On Monday, January 25th, 2021, the lnternationaI Horological Association announced that from their research, Australia is more advanced than the United States. Primarily, because it is already Tuesday there.

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l made me laugh . . . again.

So, to explain, l only have a few items out in the kitchen. This way l am avoiding a pile of dishes.

Last night, l had forgotten to wash a messy plastic plate, so l had this near-gunk platter in front of me. So being in a hurry, l just dumped off the crumbs into the trash bag and then went back to the stove, turned the plate over, and used the bottom of the plate.

lt was all washed properly, later.

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So, in the Covid environment, does the US really have this large a number of dumb people moving around without masks . . . or is gov't just trying to show-ff for itself again? ? ?

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We have had several comments in Biden Bombs Syria and how this is his first 'military action'. Yeah, real easy from an armchair.

What l remember in a military analyst's commentary from back in the mid-90s. He said American foreign policy is the Star Trek (planetary-ed.) policy.

Crew lands on planet.

Quirky: "We come in Peace".

English speaking lnhabitant: "That's nice. Now go in peace."

Quirky: "We have come in Peace and will stay in Peace."

lnhabitant: "You are not welcomed here."

Quirky: "We will stay."

lnhabitant: "No you will not! We now force you out."

Quirky: "Beam me up, Scotty."

Quirky returns to bridge and says, "Lock on phasers, Mr. Zoozu. And ready the photon torpedoes."

Mr. Zoozu: "Ready, el-Capo."

Quirky: "Fire ! "

Mr. Crock: "Large portions of the unappreciative planet are now a moonscape, el-Capo."

Quirky: "Ready an in-force landing party."

Quirky and his special forces energize onto the surface. Smoldering ruins in the background.

lnhabitant, still able to speak English says: "Have you come in Peace?"

Quirky: "lf that is what you agree to."

Subjugated lnhabitant: "We do."

Quirky: "Ain't Peace great?"

After looking around, Quirky uses his communicator and says, "Scotty, you can send down the mining and drilling equipment now."

Later, Subjugated lnhabitant: "What are you doing with all those machines?"

Quirky: "Peace research."

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My late sister made me laugh.

So l am actually cleaning my kitchen.

Getting my thumbnail into the crevices, chemically attacking this grease and condensation film on the walls, stove and everything else. The toaster took more than 20 minutes, for example. lt had these large blotches of yellowish-dark brown gunk.

So l am scraping my counter-top with a metal paint scrapper trying to get this greased-on dust and crumbs off, when l remember what my late sister use to say in the 70's and 80's about my housekeeping: "He knows how to do all that stuff . . . he just doesn't do it."

Yeah, the stuff l have finished actually shines. Even the window sill.

So, a few minutes ago, l started on the refrigerator. l take the stuff off the top -cans, some paper, a carpentry level, a box of something l haven't opened yet- and started to wash the dust and grime off when it suddenly had these white streaks. Chemically attack it again and more white. So l get down to wash out my rag (an old pair of shorts) when l decide to take the refrigerator-magnets off. 

Yeap . . . white underneath. And here l was thinking my refrigerator was a dark brown.

When there are housekeeping robots l think l will buy one. Until then, l will never win any Good Housekeeping awards.

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I don't know if this joke has already been told, but it goes like this:

Fulan is a young man studying in the hawza. During the holidays, he goes to his home country (a majority English speaking country). One day, an important scholar was coming in town to give a majlis, so naturally many people, specially the elderly, came to attend the majlis. Fulan saw this as a great opportunity to give a small lecture before the scholar began the majlis. Now the elderly only spoke Arabic, so they couldn't understand what Fulan was saying, but still they decided to remain, listen to him and wait for the scholars turn out of respect.

In his lecture, Fulan told a story between Bahlool and Harun al-Rashid. They were in the court, and the caliph wanted to kill a Christian, but Bahlool told him to have mercy and leave it to Allah, since Allah is "rabbil 'alameen" and he has mercy over all of his creatures. Harun disagreed with him and eventually killed the Christian. Later that day, when it was time for prayer, it was agreed for Bahlool to lead the prayer himself. When he was reciting al-Fatiha, Bahlool recited "alhamdu lillahi rabbil muslimeen". Harun, who was behind him, was confused and was about to correct Bahlool. When the prayers finished, he told Bahlool that he made a mistake while reciting al-Fatiha, that it should have been "rabbil 'alameen" instead of "rabbil muslimeen". Bahlool looked at Harun for a moment, then laughed and said: "No Harun, I didn't make a mistake. According to you, Allah is only the Lord of the Muslims, and not of everyone. Have you forgotten that you killed that Christian ?"

How is this story funny ? Because while Fulan was saying this story, when he said the part about "rabbil muslimeen", all of the elderly at the back were confused, and said to each other: "Look at this Fulan what a bad scholar he'll be, he can't even recite al-Fatiha properly !" :hahaha:

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l was watching a program and there was this news report on the Taliban.

Wanting to look something up, l searched "Taliban" and clicked on the Wikipedia entry. At the top, the banner had "Celebrate lnternationaI Women's Day.


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A radio host was saying that he bought his son a smart watch for his 11th birthday. I thought, aww, that's really nice. Then after a pause, he said Now I am tracking his location wherever he goes. LOL 

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