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In the Name of God بسم الله
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Lion of Shia

Miss Marvel(Muslim female comic book character)

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2 hours ago, Lion of Shia said:

Marvel comics has a muslim superhero

Salam I like that a superhero will be a Muslim but what will be shown from her will be a caricature Muslim with Semitic intentions & will not represent a real muslim which Sunni or Shia  & she represents Sunni Muslims also Pakistan doesn't have a good history with Iran so may his main enemy will be from Shia & Iranian background.

I hope one day Muslims create their comics & superheroes inshAllah.

Most of the original, iconic superheroes were created by Jews, and the ethnic subtext isn't very hard to understand. Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster's Clark Kent is practically a stereotype Jewish caricature—a skinny, bespectacled nerd, constantly emasculated by Lois, until he ducks into a closet and emerges as the Hitler-fighting, quintessentially American Aryan Superman. 

Writer G. Willow Wilson (herself a Muslim convert) is much less coy—and in part as a result, she's able to think through some of the disadvantages of coyness. Becoming blonde and Caucasian doesn't make Kamala happy or glamorous. Instead, rendered in Adrian Alphona's cartoony pencils, she looks goofy and spindly and out of shape. "It's almost like a reflex, like a fake smile," she thinks of her transformation. Being a superhero is a way to fit in, but stretching yourself or going blonde or taking off your pants to fit in doesn't necessarily fix everything. As Kamala says,...


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9 hours ago, Lion of Shia said:

as salaam alakim!

Marvel comics has a muslim superhero, Shes a female of Pakistani decent. Named Miss Marvel!!!

I wonder how many muslims are going to see the movie they make,its on its way!!!


The movie isn’t about her. It’s about a different character. The Muslim Ms. Marvel is not the original Ms. Marvel. There was a blonde female character originally. She has been renamed Capt. Marvel. The movie will be about her not the Muslim character.

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I'm not a fan of what comics are trying to do. I know they want inclusion and such, but maybe leave the original superheroes alone. For example, making female Thor; Pakistani-Muslims, Miss Marvel; African-American, Spiderman.

If they want more diverse characters, they should create new ones. These original characters have values and morals and they always try to connect these into the newer versions of their identities. It never translates well, in my opinion. 

A lot of their new characters for inclusion are just shadows of older ones, Ironheart, Spider-Gwen, Silk, Miss America (Pretty much Captain America, but with the ability to transport through dimensions). I'd also put White Tiger here since she's pretty much just a female, Hispanic, black panther.

But that doesn't mean they're creating new and "Original" characters. Alpha from Marvel comics is generally a new character (created in 2012), compelling story, and internal character conflictions. Yet they didn't try to make him any other race or gender but followed their old suit. They evolved Frank Castles (The Punisher) into some bloody "COSMIC GHOST RIDER" (I have not read that comic yet. Please don't spoil, if you have.) They apparently can't make new and "original" characters. 

I generally love the art of storytelling and but Marvel's attempt for inclusion seems a bit too forced through their writing at times. They have to connect the personality to original personas because that's where the values and morals of their identity come from. If they want to make a Muslim superhero. By all means, go ahead. But perhaps make one that has some faith in their religion and is proud of their background. I know religion isn't a problem, Captain America is a Christain and it's stated throughout the comics that he believes in god and that he goes to church every Sunday. And at the same time, they have characters like Iron Man who believes in no god and often makes that clear. 

My point in general is, Kamala Khan is just a failed attempt for inclusion. Sure girls see her background and religion and think, 'Finally a Muslim hero!' but if you read her comics. She's a bland character who tries to be Miss Marvel and in doing so goes against her own culture and beliefs. They try to make her think about them but it's a little forced. Nothing about her character comes naturally. Storytelling is also quite choppy and difficult to read through. I hope they make a better Muslim hero, male or female. One that has faith and perhaps practices their culture. Their costume maybe reflecting their culture a little bit. 

Welp, that's my rant. (I tend to go off so I'm not sure if everyone would understand what I tried to put across XD)

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12 hours ago, Ashvazdanghe said:

you are too old:grin:

l didn't watch it because it was so ridiculous.  And not just because there was a heroine. :ko:"krazy imaginations. a female superhero":hahaha:

Lynda Carter wears this gaudy red corset with these blue bottoms that looked more like the plastic pants that women use to put over toddlers' diapers when l was in grade school.

l see the end of Dunder Dame before the Sci-Fi movies comes on.

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Here's an idea for a superheroine:

Mirzak -the Math Marvel

Hidden away in a university, superheroine Mirzak  tackles crime and corruption with her mathematical superpowers; all the while the US intelligence agencies are trying to find this numbers operator and space contortionist  they label a 'terrorist'.


Note: from Maryam Mirzakhani, a mathematician who died last year. Mathematics includes number operations and space configurations.

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