Salam, The most important part of that is where it says “He is with them wheresoever they are”.  Also as it is stated elsewhere; “He is with you wherever you are”. (Wa Huwa Ma’akum ayna ma kuntum).   Allah is the very substance of everything and so He is always present like that wall that is the substance is always present to and with the shadows which are the accidents.  Although God is with us in every thought that arises, every feeling that comes, and in every sensation we feel, He, nevertheless, remains as He has always eternally been— He remains unaffected, free, and pure from all that comes and goes, rises and sets, appears and disappears.  This is really what Prophet Ibrahim (as) meant when he said that he doesn’t worship a God that rises and sets.  He wasn’t just referring to the Sun but to everything that is transient. The verse is pointing to the fact that You will not find anything or any place is void of God’s Eternal Presence.  It is a Uniquely One  and Absolute Presence that is always there even if you and I happen to be unaware of it.  It is like space that is everywhere but is not compromised by the objects found in it.  space is space regardless of what is in it.