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In the Name of God بسم الله

My sibling is an athiest

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Hello brothers and sisters, 

I have come to this forum in order to make myself feel at ease, as I don't know how to make things better any other way. 

My sister is an athiest.

We grew up in a very loving home, although we had trouble with an abusive father (a father who grew up in a war torn country with a horrible upbringing) my mother is loving and is the most kind and caring person on this planet. She poured her life and soul into me and my siblings growing up. She has always been a very religious Muslim mother and she tried her very best to make us all pray and read the Quran. My father has changed a lot in the years and is not the violent person towards us as he was years ago, so I don't quite understand why my sister is the way she is now (if she says the reason is because of how my father used to be). I have not grown up to be the most religious person in the world, but I still know I have a very special relationship with Allah in my own special way. I know he is looking down at me and guiding me on the right path.

I don't know why my sister turned out to not believe in God, but it makes me feel uneasy. My mother worked hard all her life to teach us how to pray and read the Quran, and I know it would break her heart to know one of her children turned out like this. Everytime I speak about our religion, she seems to dislike it more and more and I know theres nothing I can do to change her mind myself (she doesn't listen to me out of spite).

I would like to ask a couple of questions, brothers and sisters please be kind. 

How do I make myself feel better about this? How can I help her, if that is possible? How do I deal with her doing and saying things out of spite?

Does Allah show people the right path? Will Allah hate her for turning her back?  

As someone who isn't that religious I've come here with a lot of hope in my heart.

Thank you.

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Try to always be kind and always welcoming to her so that she doesn't feel like her Muslim family is shunning her, which will push her further away. She should at least associate Muslims as kind and welcoming people. You can take a break from talking to her about Islam specifically but keep mentioning things happening because of Allah in casual conversation. You can ask her about her 'beliefs.' Ask why she believes what she does. If she doesn't believe in God for no reason, encourage her to research atheism so that she can at least defend it. And in that way she will find out how baseless atheism is and she will start to believe in God again. 

If someone is sincerely looking, Allah will show them the right path inshaAllah. Many people are not sincerely looking however and just want something easy. 

Keep praying for her and tell yourself in your mind that she will be back to Islam one day inshaAllah. She is just on a journey. I know it's hard, I am in the same boat as you more or less. Just remember, try not to give her any excuse or anything to point at why she hates Islam and Muslims. By your actions, keep presenting Islam as peaceful and loving religion. 

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I'd say is Let her the way she is, give her some time. There could be some reasons which are unknown to you that she is blaming God for. When we are upset over things we tend to blame god or some other being.  If you keep talking about God and religion, there are high chances that she might get furhter away. 

At the end to Believe in God or not is something that cant be forced by any way in to any one.  Keep praying to Allah o Ahlulbayt , May be some event would change her present belief.

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