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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

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Noureddin Zangi (511-569) was the ruler of the Turks who ruled Zangis who ruled Syria. Nour al-Din created the government inAleppo and was in Syria during the Crusades. He ruled from 540 to 569. Shamsuddin Ahmad ibn Khalkan extends from Shafi'i scholars in Wafiat al-Ayyān and vs An'ba'a Obna'a al-Zaman:


Generally, the goodness of Nour al-Din is high ...

And I heard from some people in Damascus that they say that prayer is due to the grave of Nooruddin is accepted, and I also experienced this and was correct (God's mercy on him)


[1] Wafiat al-'a'yan v أنباء أبناء الزمان, Shamsuddin A'Humdun Khalkan, vol. 5, p. 187.




Nour al-Din Mahmoud bin Zangi set up a hospital in various cities of his area, including Aleppo and Damascus, and devoted significant endowments to their administration, the most important of which was  Noori Hospital of Damascus . The hospital continued its scientific career after Noureddin, becoming a center for medical education and clinical trials for medical students. Therefore, renowned physicians from different parts of the Muslim world, including Iran, Iraq, Egypt and the Maghreb, turned to the hospital and exchanged experience through practice and teaching.
Nour al-Din also donated many medical books to the hospital, after which medical professors gathered at the hospital's specialty after medical treatment and discussed the medical issues in accordance with the method of discussion and discussions, and strengthened their practical knowledge by contributing to the scientific debate. To show. He also made a hospital in Aleppo and dedicated his endowment. In addition, the establishment of Noori Hospital provided the ground for the establishment and commissioning of the first specialized school of medicine in name of "Dakhavarieh" in Damascus, where Ibn Abi Asiba'a, the author of the Eun Alanbafi, at the floors of Alatba and Ibn Nafis, discovered blood circulation Were from the graduates of that school and the Noori Hospital.
Nour Al-Din's action to establish a hospital and support medical knowledge affected a number of other elders in Zanzibar government, and a group of them, based on Nour Al-Din, established hospitals in other Iraqi cities. The establishment of a hospital in Mosul by Mujahid al-Din Qaymāsh and the establishment of a hospital in Erbel, in the direction of Muzaffarodin Kokbury, son of Zinedine Din Ali, is one of them. This research seeks to investigate the causes and factors of Nour-e-Din Zangi's attention to medical science and to establish a Nori Hospital in Damascus and Aleppo with the help of sources, new researches and, in the second step, the effects and consequences of this important action Explain the development of medical knowledge in Islamic civilization. This research is based on the historical method and using library resources and tools.




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thank you brother but he was popular due to his dream in which the prophet came and told about some people.He found tunnel that was created by those people and was very close to prophet (muhammad s.a.w.) grave.Is this incident true?Is this true he was against shias and converted shia mosques to sunni?Thankyou  

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