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Doesn't the powder in powder blush kinda mean that it's not a liquid? So you can just throw it in your carry on.

One of the biggest regrets of my life was at Heathrow, watching a Chinese lady dump her (many bottles of) perfumes because of the 100ml rule.

I was so so tempted to offer to buy them off her. But I'd gone to drop off my wife and she'd have been able to see me and the benefit of having got those perfumes cheap would have been lost.

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All that perfume :( .....tsk tsk....i bet they the workers take them at the end of the night. It's a nightmare paking. I bought this clear makeup bag from Walmart that hows picture of an airplane on it. so i'm like this must be tsa approved. and i was happily stuffing it ,  when then I got a ziplock bag and compared it to the thick makeup bag from walmart and realized the  quart sized ziplock was much smaller :( I'm glad I caught it now otherwise they wouldve thrown it away

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According to the official rules from the UK Government on airline cabin baggage*, the following liquids are restricted:

All drinks: including water

Liquid or semi-liquid foods: including soup, jam, honey and syrups

Cosmetics and toiletries: including creams, lotions, oils, perfumes, mascara and lip gloss

Sprays: including shaving foam, hairspray and spray deodorants

Pastes: including toothpaste

Gels: including hair and shower gel

Contact lens solution: including other solutions and items of similar consistency



Or the horses mouth:


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If it 

54 minutes ago, Miss Wonderful said:

[powder blush] 

is not a liquid, then no. 

This is the law for the UK, as for the American TSA people I have no idea...


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