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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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SERlOUSLY . . . Sick of :

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31 minutes ago, notme said:

I got that overtly, i.e. "I'd like to hire you, but I don't think you can do the job with that thing on your head" and ended up losing my house to foreclosure over it (that, and my ex-husband preferred to spend his money on plastic surgery for self beautification rather than supporting his family) back in 2013. 

I was mostly unemployed from 2009 to 2013 - when I did work it was grossly underpaid, temporary, part time, and without benefits. 

I can only imagine being in your situation. MashahAllah, you have nerves of steel. Are you thinking about going back to work when your kids start going to school?  My work situation was good until 2013, but 2013 was a hard year. I donated probably about 90% of my salary. It may sound strange, but every time I donated, I got job security, otherwise they were always ready to fire me. I kept working because my work was an excuse to get away from my ex-husband.

I do have one option. There are couple of Muslims in my community who have labs and they will probably give me job. But they will also use their influence as my employer to put pressure on me to go back to my ex-husband or get married to someone else. I deal with that kind of pressure at home, I cannot deal with it at work also. Many people have suggested that I should move to another state, I guess that's why some people move a lot. If they cannot find work in one state, they go to another state, but I am scared to live with unknown people.

I even tell recruiters that I am willing to work for low pay, then they are like "you have so much experience, why are you asking for such low pay? We will get you $20/ hour", and they never call back.  I don't have experience in retail or anything other than lab. 

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Being mislead by Google advertising algorithms.

l wanted a product. "Found" what l want on Google. Go to Walmart. lt is not even close and similar products not in-stock. Time Wasted: ~hour.

Come home. Try another search. Product "W" at Lowes. Go to Lowes. lt is not only not the product l want, but a cooking spray for grills.

:ranting: Censored.

Try something else. A slightly dissimilar product. Nothing.

:worried:"OK, what else can l use."

Try over in hardware. Search, search, "no, this ain't it".

:censored: <---censored.

Keep looking in desperation. "What is this? lt has the chemical ingredient l need. How to use it? Looks about correct. OK, try this."

Get to cash register. "Beep"

"Assistance required."

This hijabi walks over kind of laughing that l need "Approval" for this product.

"Shukran" . . . "Your Welcome".

Nearly an hour in a store because of some gotta-get-that-ad-click algorithm.

l swear, this corporate state is in cahoots with Big Mother gov't.

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