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6 Signs of Courage in Imam Hussain (AS) and His re

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#whoisHussain ? know more about courageous in the true sense of the word because he… https://goo.gl/hs1vZv

It takes courage to live in this world. Because if you are alive, then you need to take action. And for taking a decisive step, you need to be courageous. The courage to stand up for an oppressed person, the courage to stand up against discrimination, the courage to stop violence against animals, the courage to preserve the earth, or even the courage to listen to the news of a genocide and wish to have the strength to do something for it. But many of us do not take action. Or do not even care. We may be afraid or may wait for someone else to do something. Say a superman or someone beyond us. 

Many philosophers from Plato and Aristotle to modern thinkers regard courage as one of the most vital human virtues. For Plato, courage is “what allows reason to rule, both in the individual and in society.” Aristotle also believes that courage is not just taking risks but thinking wisely in the face of danger [1]. Taking risks is courageous, but knowing why you are risking is even more critical..............................


#salamislam #newmuslims #islamiclife 

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