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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Advice needed please

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I'm new to this website, I've always wanted to ask but felt ashamed for some reason  

I am 22 years of age and never been engaged and no proper proposal has come through the door. All my sisters has at least gotten engaged at 17, and I just feel as though there is something wrong with me. I do want to get married and want someone who will better me in my religion inshallah. Although, I feel my self esteem is lowering majorly  due to my hand not getting asked for at all. I know I sound silly, I have done dua and have asked during my trip to ziyara, but nothing. 

I am patiently waiting, but like I said my self esteem is making me feel insecure about myself, and doubting Allah's love towards me. 

If there are any dua's for marriage and Duas for patients or any advice at all, it would be help full. 

Please and thank you,


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Alsalam Alaikum

I have been through the same situation. My younger sister is in your same situation and she is older then you. and to make it all worse..there is not even hope for her because my father doesn't wanna do anything about her.he doesn't even think about her.

One thing i learned in life is that hasty decisions are always wrong. You may get angaged or married quickly but what if you are not happy  later.... so Allah will surely do whats best for you. Have Patience and faith. Allah will never disappoint you. The reward for patience is huge.

You can read Surah Muzammil once every night after Isha for 21 days. Inshallah you will receive a very good proposal.

Or you and your family can read the dua Hazrat Yunus read to get out of the fish

- LA ILA HA ILLA ANTA SUBHANAKA INNI KUNTU MINA'ZZALIMEEN- for 125.000 times with the purpose of getting a very good proposal. This works because we have done it as well.

And remember do not forget to pray to Allah to do whats best for you no matter what.

Engage your self in something else while waiting for your proposals.don't keep thinking about it.learn to do something new. You might have some other goals and passion in life..pursue them if your parents allow you.

i say it from experience...it is better to be single and happy than being married and miserable for a woman in our society.

You still have all your life to live. Don't be discouraged. Time passes. This time will as well.and one day you will be happily married with your husband and kids inshallah.

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