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In the Name of God بسم الله

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1 hour ago, Zehra Fatima said:


My question here is that is it permissible for a women to visit the graveyard while she's on her period? 

Salam. Yes, going to a cemetery is allowed during menses. There are only a few things that a woman is prohibited during Haidh. See the quote below:


Things that are Haram (prohibited) in ‘Haidh’ (Menses)

Worship for which wudhu is required, for example: Salat, Fasting, and Tawaaf of Ka’aba.
All the actions that are haram in the state of janabat:

It’s Haraam to enter Masjid ul Haram and Masjid un Nabi.
Stopping in other mosques and the shrines of Imams is Haraam. Passing through one door and coming out through another door is okay as long as one does not stop in a Masjid or Shrine of Imams.

Placing something in the mosque is Haraam, but picking up something is no problem, according to Imam Khomeini. However as per Ayatullah Seestani a woman cannot place something or pick up something while a woman is Junub or when in the state of Haidh.

Reciting 4 surahs that contain the Wajib Sajda is Haram: Surah Sajda, Surah Fussilat, Surah Al-Najm and Surah Al-Alaq. According to Imam Khomeini, even reciting one word of the surahs mentioned above in the state of janabat or haidh is haram.

Note: Ayatullah Seestani says that reciting the Surah is not a problem but a woman in the state of haidh or janabat should not recite the ayats that have the Sajda e wajib in them. Surah Sajda Ayat 15, Surah Fussilat Ayat 38, Surah Al-Najm Ayat 62, and Surah Al-Alaq Ayat 19.

It’s haraam to touch the words of Qur’an with any part of the body.

It’s haraam to touch the names of Allah in any language.

It’s Haraam to touch names of Prophets and Imams and Syeda Fatema (SA). as per Imam Khomeini its Ihtiyat-e-Wajib not to touch the names of the 14 infallibles.

Note: As per Ayatullah Seestani its better if a woman does not touch the names of the 14 Infallibles in the state of janabat and haidh.


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18 hours ago, Zehra Fatima said:

Thank you @Hameedeh I was confused as a relative of mine said that it isn't allowed thank you

Is your relative a Sunni? Sunnis believe women cannot visit the graves because their men will be physically attracted to women, so it causes fitna and if a woman went to a grave she should repent and never do it again. However, Shias believe that women are allowed to go to the cemetery and pray for the dead ones, as long as she is wearing hijab and not attracting men to herself. If a woman fears for her own safety she should not go alone anywhere. May Allah SWT protect the innocent people from harm.

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