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Iranians Openly Declare Atheism

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When we talk about Iran, Iranians and Twitter we should know the following facts.

Twitter was banned for Iranians by the Twitter itself until recently. It means creating a Twitter account while living in Iran was almost impossible, since Twitter hadn’t included Iran Dialing Code in the registering process, while to register you need to enter your cellphone number. This has been one of the two major reasons why most/many of the Iranian on Twitter are not living in Iran, and we should know that some of the Iranians abroad are not a good sample to evaluate Iran and Iranians. Another reason for the matter is the fact that Twitter is still banned in Iran by the government, which creates an obstacle for Iranians to create a Twitter account and use it, although people can use VPN to pass the obstacle. These are the main reasons that have made twitter hangout for some of the worse kinds of Iranians who are living abroad.

Here is an example to prove the point above. In Instagram, which is not banned for Iranians, Ayatullah Khamenei’s account is followed by about 1.8 M members, while the followers of Ayatullah Khamenei’s Farsi account of Twitter equates to just about 120 K. Also, while many of his account’s posts on Instagram get more than 100 K likes or sometimes more than 200 K and even about 300-350 K, the Twitter account’s posts gets around 1 or at most about 2 or 3 k likes.



However, after the ban was lifted by Twitter for Iranians, there are more Revolutionaries and Hizbullahis active there, in a way that it was admitted by a BBC Farsi Analyst:

Image result for ‫بگ بگ آمیکا‬‎

Translation: Revolutionaries have conquered some embankments in the Twitter front, 2 K likes for spreading hatred (No need here to know what he means by spreading hatred)

 As far as I know the likes reached about 4 K, if the number matter.

This is why Revolutionaries are questioning the Twitter being banned by the government, since this has made the twitter a stronghold for Monarchists, disbelievers, MKO terrorists and other "worst kinds of Iranians" that you hardly see them in Iran in the real life. I don’t say these people don’t exist in Iran. What I am saying is that you see them hardly, since they are so few. Polls, both conducted by Iranians and by non-Iranian institutes, also prove these points.

Another important matter is that there are also many cases and proofs which show that these people on social media, maybe mainly on Twitter, are organised and use fake accounts, robot etc.

I also have heard that Saudis are behind some of these kinds of activities. I haven’t seen any proof for that.

21 hours ago, Enlightened Follower said:

@AmirAlmuminin Lover@IbnSina A religious man from Qom has sons that are all Atheist. Auzubillah!

Most probably they are fake users. Don't take them seriously. They are funny and are being made fun of (Farsi Video):



A serious "Thank God I am an atheist!"

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I do not trust these twitter feeds at all, in this day and age where public opinions is the founding justification for invading countries, I just see this a sad try of "fake it until you make it".

Here is reality:


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I would also say this kind of stupid iranians are not only in twitter but also in facebook. Today for exemple in facebook a facebook page where i am member called "See you in Iran" someone ask if that was ok for a "lgbt couple" to go together in Iran. I said to them that was not a good idea and Iran laws are against that. Few time later some iranians came and said that this was not true and "i am a dirtry homophobe while iranians love everyone including lgbt". I was seriously like "wtf ?!". This is why honestly i am leaving facebook and prefer now to go instagram where i am more in line with iranians present on this social media.

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Old news bruv!

This scoundrel Armin Navabi is a well-known anti-Iran atheist and West loyalist who has written a book called 'Why God Doesn't Exist' and was very active in the recent anti-Govt. protests.

His game is up. Hence, he is trying these antics.

Brother @Enlightened Follower, ask these scoundrels to watch the jumah prayers on a random Friday at the Tehran University campus. Ask these [edited out]s to see the size of the students' congregation, and grind their teeth in frustration!

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