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In the Name of God بسم الله

Qanat Eleyoun / Mohammad Moussa

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You may have heard of this YouTube Channel, comprising mostly videos of Mohammed Moussa and Hajeh Mirvat Amad.


I have been following them for a few years now, but never got to undertstand what are their sources of knowledge which sometimes deal with very deep topics.

They are apparently broadcasting from Lebanon but speak in english, at least the brother.

What do you guys know about them, or think about their theories ?

If the brother Mohammed happens to visit Shiachat, this is a chance to share his views.

Fi amanillah

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i know about Brother Mohamed Moussa since only recently because 2 readers on the forum had shared and suggested me to watch his video about 'Zulqarnain and Yajuj Majuj'. I will be thankful all my life to those who referred his Name to me.  His knowledge is mashaAllaah. He is very simple person, down to Earth and a good listener. This is what i must vouch for him. I recently was blessed by Allaah to chat with him for a while relating some islamic topic. May Allaah and his Ahl bless this Brother Mohamed Moussa and his team.


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