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In the Name of God بسم الله

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The use of gold jewelry for the boy

806. Is the use of gold jewelry for a boy forbidden?

C. It is permissible if not mature.


2. If the lad is wearing gold on prayer, then the obligatory prayer is null and void. (12)


Q Since the gold is forbidden to the male sex, is the plaque of the Qur'an of the Mubarak verse "Van Yakad" ... of gold, which is hanged at the time of the birth of the baby boy in his uniform, is a religious matter? 
A. The use of gold for a newborn is not religiously prohibited.


Doctors' research in recent years has shown that gold has a quasi-inductive effect that negatively affects the skin and blood of the male, which makes the blood concentrate in a special way and disrupts it. There are, of course, other points that, in general, cause heart disease and blood and stroke, and these effects are different in men.



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Gold disadvantages for male and male boys
Gold medicine is effective in treating red blood cells in the blood of men and the immune system is in difficulty. When gold comes in contact with men's skin, its ions enter the body, because there are differences in the fat structure of the skin between men and women. The amount of fat in men is less than men, so gold can easily be converted into ions from men's skin and disrupted in the liver.
In a 2010 study in Vancouver, Canada, it was found that gold has a quasi-inductive effect that has a negative effect on skin and blood in men, can lead to blood levels, in addition to negative effects on the liver, and eventually lead to heart disease and stroke. Aghan ends up.
But here, perhaps this question engages your mind why women can use gold if gold affects the balance of the human blood cells in the body, then women should not be excluded from it. Studies that have been done on women's body structure, Show that there are some differences in body structure between men and women. Gold contains rays that pass through the body's skin and affect the blood cells of the body. This is true of men, but in women it is good. In the women between the skin and meat layer, there is a layer of fat, but in men, this layer does not exist. It's the same layer of lipid protector that, like a strong barrier, prevents the harmful rays of gold from getting to the body of women.
Another important factor is the negative effect of gold metal rays on male sex hormones. Men use gold to cause hormonal disorders and infertility in men.
When it comes to gold, it includes all the jewels made of it. Gold chains, Gold ring, Rings, Necklaces. For more information, see the reason why gold is forbidden for men.



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