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In the Name of God بسم الله

How do you get Barkat in time and money?

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Salam! As the topic title says, how do you get Barkat in time and money. I feel like I don't have barkat. It takes me longer to complete any work than most people. Some people do so much and still they always have so much time. Also, I do earn money but I am unable to hold on to it. This is a problem I have seen with many other people. People joke about some people that they cannot keep money in their hands. I didn't understand it but it is happening to me now. As long as I have money in my account, bad things keep happening to me until I spend all of my money. It's not even about paying Khums, it seems like I cannot save any money. There are other people who have hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars but all the bhatta collectors always target me. This issue of not having barkat in time is only with me, but not having barkat in money is with a lot of people. I don't even want to earn money now because I think what's the point if I won't be able to spend it or save it.

I went to Ziyarat with my mother and I noticed she is always spending money on other people. That's why people like her, and they expect the same from me. But I refuse to spend money and buy gifts. Why do I have to constantly give something to other people so that they tolerate me? I don't expect gifts from other people constantly. I thought that I am not pretty or smart, that's why people don't like me and I have to constantly spend money to please them. But my mother is very pretty and very intelligent, but people treat her in similar way. 

Anyway, I have heard a lot of motivational speakers talking about having barkat in time and money. Is there anyway we can get it? Are there any duas we can read? 

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Salaam Alaykum

That is a very good question. I realized that when I was at highschool, I didn't know why it takes a lot of time from me to complete one project even though I'm smarter than other students. The reason is because I didn't spend time on other people to solve their problems. If there is a Mumin that suffers in his project, or job or anything and needs help, we have to go and help him. Trust me this helps you in your own life. Think of it as the Khums of your time. Do you pay it or not? Previously I was so selfish, and I still have some sort of selfishness. But Im working on it, and I now see the results.

Same thing with money. Pay khums and Sadaqah. Buying something for your relatives is something recommended in religion. Maybe your relatives don't buy those stuff when they do Zyarah, but be ok with that. You do that for Allah not for return. I remember that one time I had financial problem and it was also my Khums day. I didn't know what to do. Finally I defeated devil and paid the Khums. Two weeks after that I gained ten times of the Khums money from somewhere that I couldn't even imagine.

Somebody asked prophet:" Ya Rasoulallah, I have financial problem. What to do?" Prophet said:" Do Sadaqah". I know it's strange, but it works. When you are busy and your job doesn't go well, help other people. When you have financial problem, do Sadaqah. But paying Khums and Zakaat is Wajib. It has to be in a regular besis. Helping people should also be in a regular basis.

I hope my advice works. I tested it on my own life and it work

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From my personal experience giving sadqa,gifts to relatives,spending money on family members(especially parents) always gave me barkat in rizq. 

Not sure if other someone else has experienced this too but I have noticed is that whenever I rush with my namaz(rush as in offer it right after adhan in the prime time,rather than delaying it) I ALWAYS get barkat in time. Without fail I always have time left over even after the zillion chores I have to do in each time slot if I give priority to namaz.

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