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Atheism in Lebanon(more common than thought)

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In 2012 WIN-Gallup International conducted a global survey of religiosity and atheism, which they broke down by country. In Lebanon, their findings suggest (aggregate information on page 15) that only 64% of Lebanese people are religious (meaning they identify as Sunni, Shia, or Christian and actively believe in god), while 33% are not religious, with an additional 2% as strict atheists. While non-religious people do not break the 50% mark, this number is not that far off from my original estimation. In other words, secularism in Lebanon as a whole is pretty much exactly what I discovered while living in Hamra.

This phenomenon as pertaining to Muslims is called cultural Muslims. This is very similar to cultural Jews, who identify as Jewish but do not believe in god, and cultural Christians, who identify as Christian but do not believe in god. This is a fairly common phenomenon.

Interestingly, Lebanon almost perfectly mimics the United States in this regard. In the same poll (see page 16) the US is only 60% religious, 30% irreligious, and 5% atheist. In real life, however, Lebanon does a better job keeping religion separate from policy.

Source: https://atheistpapers.com/2015/10/03/atheism-and-non-religion-in-lebanon-more-common-than-thought/

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unfortunately, growth grade of atheists is very hight, in east and west!

I think following reasons are  the cause of this dangers phenomenon :

 •    Lack of knowledge in Christion theology 
•    Some fake face of Islam and Abrahamic religions made by some movies and media 
•    Lack of morality  in some religious cultures and society 
•    some precision of religions and sciences 
•    Some now theory for creature

the natural selection theory is really dangerous, some new philosophical issues are threating, our behavior in some society  destruct  our religion's face 

our duty is to be aware and make our knowledge more resourceful and  make our manner in society  near to some Islamic morality

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l was readin' Friday night about Lebanon.

What l found is that "identity politics" is replacing many aspects of ethno-religious identity. Elites are highly self-affiliating with France and things French.

Because of this, and with the emigration of many chr!stians, the ability to conduct another national census is being obstructed by many groups. A lot of this has to do with their Constitution mandated by French imperialism.

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Saddening but I can't say I'm surprised, Lebanon in comparison to other Arab countries is quite irreligious. Add to this that religiousity is on the decline all over the place. Its hard for me to imagine how such widespread irreligiousness would be this prevalent in a pre-modern world. One big concern is that Muslim countries continue to base themselves upon western conceptions of the state even Iran where the western state simply has an Islamic garb. 

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