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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Visiting Masjid Al-Hussein in Cairo

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In shaa Allah, I will be traveling to Cairo, Egypt soon. I have been there before and I have visited Masjid Al-Hussein twice, as Allah has willed. First, I am wondering if the reports are true that the mausoleum inside is the burial site for Imam Hussein's blessed head. Second, if it is true, then what is the proper etiquette of visiting this place? 

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28 minutes ago, Qa'im said:

Our belief is that the head was returned to Karbala with Imam Zayn al-Abideen (as) and buried with his body there. Still, there is nothing wrong with visiting a place where the Imam is remembered. While you're in Cairo though, it is also worth visiting the Sayyida Zaynab mosque there, which is one of the possible sites where the sister of Husayn (as) was buried. Allah knows best.

Our belief is that she (as) was buried in Damascus, Syria, right?

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53 minutes ago, Hussaini624 said:

Our belief is that she (as) was buried in Damascus, Syria, right?

I'm not sure.

"There's no reference in our books to it, no recommendation to visit there, and no evidence even Shi`as for centuries had any idea there was a place there for them to visit. The first reference to it in fact is from a very late medieval Sunni author who mentions local Shi`a women in the area would visit the place thinking it was where she was buried, but that they were wrong in thinking so. Keep in mind the other places she is said to also be buried in (like Cairo), and it raises more doubt about this claim."

She may be in Damascus, or Cairo, or even Medina. Allah knows best.

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Maqam al-Sayyida Zaynab (a) :both of them have common name the one that buried in Cairo Egypt is Zaynab daughter of Yahya  زینب زینب بنت ‏یحیى المتوج بن الحسن الانور بن زید بن حسن بن على بن ابى طالبthat Imam Ali (as) is her ancestor so visiting her is near to visiting Lady Zaynab (sa) 


Lin book of Mafathul Jinan from page 435 to 787 is about Ziyarah (visiting of holy shrines & peoples ) explained it  ,p752 about descendants of Holy Imams (as) is recommend that we purify ourselves befor visiting these places & ziarats such as Jamia (Kabira or Saghira) ,Warith , Amin Allah ,etc recommended.











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