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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

To Finally Rest In Peace?

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To Finally Rest In Peace?

It's now almost 2am and I cant sleep.

I hear the frantic cries of millions of orphaned and starving babiesm

They are desperately yearning for the breast of their mothers,

Reaching out for the sustainance it contains and the warmth it brings,

Desperately wanting to hear the comforting and loving heartbeat of the beautiful soul,

The soul who's womb carried them for 9 months,

The woman who went through excruciating and inexplicable pain to bring them into the world..

Cries of wanting to hear that heartbeat next to their own once more,

The safety and security it brings to their little souls is unbelievable..

This overwhelming and frantic crying keeps me up at night..

I hear the grief stricken hysterical wailing,

The Wailing of millions of mothers who have lost their sons and daughters,

They died after being tortured and murdered,

After starving to death while we sit with food on our plates

Eating in excess and becoming obese,

Throwing what we waste into the trash,

All of this as they lose their children to preventable diseases like malaria,

All of this as they lose their children to manageable diseases like AIDS,

They die simply because they cannot afford the medications and vaccinations for these diseases.

Tell me,

How on earth can we put a price on peoples lives like that?

Many other children die because the water they had no choice about drinking was not clean,

Tell me how we can live in a world where one person can be so rich that they own their own Island,

Yet across the border others live in such dire circumstances that they have to drink polluted water?

Tell me, Where is the justice in that?

Those mothers will never again to hold their children,

Nor see their beautiful little smiles again

They'll never see them grow up to outlive them.. Instead they outlive their children

Losing a part of themselves, their hearts forever broken.. Never will they be the same..

The grief stricken, hysterical wailing of those mothers haunts my sleep..

I hear the screams for justice of the millions of people who are living in refugee camps,

oppressed and persecuted due to their religion or color, in most cases for power and wealth..

Screaming out for relief and justice while the whole world sits idly by,

A world that doesn't act due to them not having oil,

Maybe they have a vested interest in their destruction.

Like those currently oppressed in The Sudan.. 400,000 have died already

Almost ONE MILLION died in Rwanda..

200,000 died in Indonesia,

150,000 died in Cambodia

For 60 Years the Palestinians have patiently endured a quiet genocide..

Tell me, Are any of the groups I've mentioned not human just like you?

It's become very obvious that the obligation of acting when genocide is committed doesn't count,

It doesn't count when the victims aren't Judeo-Christian Europeans doesn't it?

Not when it's just another N*gger, Rice Muncher or Raghead right?..

Nevertheless, their screams for Liberty from Oppression,

Justice for the crimes committed against them and

And the right in the Pursuit of Happiness make even the thought of closing my eyes unbearable..

My dreams are haunted by those who are crying for relief..

Their cries and calls are so real to me so that I have not known a peaceful nights sleep,

Not since I became aware of their suffering..

I'm not talking about mere minutes,

Not hours,

Not days

And not even months..

It has been YEARS.

For many years I have carried this burden of awareness..

Like Neo I swallowed the red pill..

And I am reminded of it every day as I see the reality of our world..

And so I wonder,

How can ANYONE sleep a peaceful nights sleep knowing that others suffer so much?

Are your dreams not haunted by their screams and cries for help and justice!?

Are you not aware of their suffering? Surely you must be...

Or did you swallow the blue pill they fed you?

Willingly accepting the lies they fed you without reading yourself,

Are we embracing ignorance now?

Maybe you just don't have time?

Are you too focused on your new car?

Your brand new house and mortgage?

And Your American Idol and America's Next Top Model?

Oh Mankind! Have you no compassion?

No love? No wish for peace and justice for your fellow man?

Just because they look different to you,

Speak a different language to you,

And maybe even worship God differently to the way you,

Do does that mean they aren't human beings worthy of being treated as such?

Oh Muslims!.. The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said,

That you should want for your brother MORE than you want for yourselves!

That includes the right to live as human beings..

Safe and secure..

Free and fed..

Educated and emancipated..

Have you fulfilled the rights that the oppressed,

both Muslim and non-Muslim over you or are you neglecting them?

Oh Muslims! God said to stand up for justice,

Regardless who it is for Muslim or Non-Muslim,

Even if it means standing up against the injustice caused by yourselves or your family..

That's Surah An-Nisa, Ayat 135


Yet you do not! Why!?

This is what you will be asked on The Day by your Creator...

And what will your answer be, Oh Muslim?

You see I pray.

I pray that one day, perhaps I will be able to sleep peacefully for just one night..

But I know, that this will only come when there are no more starving orphans,

frantically crying for warmth and sustainance of their mothers breasts,

It will be when there are no more grieving mothers,

Hysterically wailing for their beloved lost children

And when there are no more oppressed and persecuted people,

People crying out for their rights to Liberty, Justice and the Pursuit of Happiness..

Then, perhaps I shall sleep peacefully..

It has become apparent to me that this will not occur by itself,

So I must work to create that change..

To create a better world for those who are suffering,

Those who have no voice in this world..

And God willing I will either achieve it, or I'll die trying..

And for me you ask? What do I want? This is not in my hands..

The victory of my cause has already been assured,

Either peace and justice will be established on earth so that I may rest easy in my bed,

Or I will be resting in peace, 6ft under shrouded in white cloth..

Having sacrificed everything to create that justice, blessed as a martyr for my struggle..

Perhaps then I may be able to rest in peace..

Oh Mankind.. Will you follow the example of those before me as I have tried to?

Filling the void they left so that the struggle for peace and justice can be continued?

Will you also sacrifice as they sacrificed?..

So that others who look differently to you,

Speak differently to you

And worship differently to you may have peace and justice?

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