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Caring only about Allah, not about the people

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4 hours ago, SeekingHeaven said:

Would it be good to do something like this in our time of great sins being everywhere?

isnt this like rahbania?

No I think it means that it is as we don't wear cloths that are clothes of fame as such as this we don't be a person that is very famous & everyone pointing to him but continue our good deeds as Imam Ali (as) & other Imams (as) helped people but after their martyrdom people were noticing that persons helped them was on of Ahlulbayt (as)

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The condition in a conditional statement should not be overlooked. 

"If you are capable..." 

If you have duties to take care of a family, earn a living then you are not capable of staying "at home".  And by home, the Imam means a place of God's remembrance, a place that is conducive to doing good and being away from evil.  In other words, it is a place wherein is hardly any temptation.   

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