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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Sunni to Shias on ShiaChat

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This topic will be a compilation of posts from people that converted from Sunnism to Shi'ism on this website. The list below was obtained from a quick Google search to find the posts, but there are definitely hundreds of more convert posts on the forums that I haven't included in the list, but inshAllah I will keep updating the list from time to time.

  1. In Taqiyya
  2. Dissociated from the caliphs
  3. Journey from Sunni to Shia
  4. Wants to say the Shahada
  5. Proud Shia
  6. Another Proud Shia
  7. Unsure how to tell family
  8. Unsure how to tell family #2
  9. Had the courage to tell the family
  10. Respected & Intellectual member
  11. Believes in the purity of the 12 Imams
  12. Respected & Intellectual member
  13. Wants to be Shia
  14. embracing shiism
  15. Proud Shia
  16. Young Shia convert
  17. The procedure
  18. Learning about Shiism opened her mind
  19. Alone in a Sunni family
  20. Follower of Ahlul Bayt
  21. Rough life being Shia
  22. Wants to meet Shias
  23. Lover of Ahlul Bayt
  24. Couldn't stay Sunni anymore
  25. Used to be Anti-Shia
  26. Alone Shia in the family
  27. Shias are the only people that fight Zionism
  28. The truth was hidden from her
  29. Conversion story
  30. Why he became Shia
  31. The truth made everything easier
  32. ex-Salafi
  33. Christian to Sunni to Shia
  34. Shiism can convince anyone
  35. Convinced shiism is right
  36. Shiism is the right path
  37. 4 years of research
  38. Conversion story
  39. Conversion story #2
  40. Conversion story #3
  41. ex-Salafi
  42. Difficulty coming to the true path
  43. Her and her parents converted to Shiism
  44. Losing her/his Sunni friends
  45. Embraced Shiism
  46. Shia adhan touched her heart
  47. Mother to shiism
  48. Shiism was the logical way
  49. Difficult to join a Shia community
  50. Muharram intrigued her
  51. Being Sunni is like living in an illusion
  52. His family was not happy
  53. ex-Salafi
  54. Only Shiism made sense
  55. Blessed to be Shia
  56. Her and her husband joined Shiism
  57. Found the true path
  58. Somalian Shia
  59. His family was displeased
  60. Her and her mother converted to shiism
  61. Wants to convert to shiism
  62. Shiism is with the true path
  63. His mother embraced shiism
  64. Used to be anti-Shia
  65. Conversion story
  66. ex-Sunni
  67. Joined Shiism after marrying Shia man
  68. Christian to Sunni to Shia
  69. Sunni lectures never talk about the Ahlul Bayt
  70. His ancestors went from Sunni to Shiism
  71. Half of her family joined Shiism
  72. Her parents were in shock
  73. Sunnism is irrational
  74. She only found peace with the Ahlul Bayt
  75. In taqiyya from nasibi parents
  76. ex-Salafi
  77. Proud Shia of Ali
  78. Wants to learn more
  79. ex-Sunni
  80. From an influential Sunni family
  81. Effected by Karbala
  82. His heart is shiism
  83. Shiism was more logical
  84. Imam Ali was the true successor
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