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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Study in Canada||Strong Shia community in Canada ?

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Alsalamu alaykum ,

My brother is thinking about contiunuing his studies in Canada, as he might receive the funds to study a subject he is really interested in.

But he is rather hesitant as it will be his fist time travelling and living on his own.But we talked and I convinced him that choosing an area where there is a strong involved shia community might ease the  transition (my brother is really involved in our local community but hates change).

So which area would you suggest?

جزاكم الله كل خير

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From what I know every large major city has a big Shia Community he can hopefully get to know. I personally live in Ottawa and find the community to be well connected. At the same time I've visited Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver and found it to be just as good, all very welcoming. I think he should focus more on which school he would rather go to. If he does end up choosing to go to a school in Ottawa, let me know and I can hopefully show him around.



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If he is an active community member, he may enjoy being in Toronto, but depends where he is in Toronto as well. The city is pretty large and the centers are spread out all around the city, some of them have a distance of at least an hour just between them (for example the center I grew up at is in the East End of Toronto, but there are some very active centers on the complete West End of Toronto too).

Also what is his own ethnicity? He may feel comfortable and engaged in some centers over others. If he is Pakistani or Indian or African, he may prefer being in Toronto over Montreal or Ottawa. If he is Arab, then Toronto, Montreal or Ottawa wouldn't really make too much of a difference.


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Guest Want to go Canada

Salaamun alikum waramatullahi wabarkatahu.. ya Ali Madad (عليه السلام)

I am wajid Ali from illegally Indian occupied kashmir currently working in uae but want to go Canada. Can you help me in that Maula (عليه السلام) will reward you for that..

Thanks with regard

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Why did I become a Shiite?

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https://en.abna24.com/news//gregory-sowden-my-love-for-imam-ali-as-made-me-a-shiite_1040342.html  (in English)

https://fa.abna24.com/news/يادداشت/حاج-قاسم؛-حافظ-امنیت-گذشته-و-آینده_763883.html  (in Farsi/Persian)

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