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In the Name of God بسم الله

Nigerian Army Arrests Sheikh Zakzaky, Kills Sons

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The ongoing clash between the Nigeria Army and the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, popularly known as the Shi’ite movement, took a more dangerous dimension as soldiers yesterday raided the residence of the Shi’ite leader, Sheik Ibrahim El-Zakzaky and arrested him.

Insiders within the Islamic sect told LEADERSHIP that Zakzaky’s wife, Malama Zeenat; his son, Sayyid Aliyu, and over 300 members of the Shi’ite, including senior members, were killed by the soldiers.

Others killed by the troops, according to the president of Media Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Ibrahim Musa, in the over 24-hour long raid, included the leader of the Kano Centre and Zakzaky’s deputy, Sheikh Muhammad Mahmud Turi; the movement’s medical director, Dr Mustapha Sa’eed; the spokesman of the group, Malam Ibrahim Usman, and a top female leader of the group, Jummai Gilima.

The late Mahmud Turi was a columnist with LEADERSHIP newspapers and wrote every Friday.

More : http://leadership.ng/news/483106/army-shiite-showdown-army-arrests-sheikh-zakzaky-kills-wife-son-mahmud-turi

Edited by Hameedeh
The title was changed because the notice that Sheikh Zakzaky's wife Malama Zeenat was killed was incorrect. She is in detention with him as of 10-23-17.

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Message on Behalf of Muslim Congress:

assalamu alaikum

In an apparent premeditated attack, Sheikh Ibrahim al-Zazaky, a Shia Muslim leader in Nigeria has been attacked at his residence. There are reports of his abduction and killing by the notorious Negirian Army. Unconfirmed reports also allude to the murder of his wife and daughter and many of his followers. This tragic news comes on the heels of the assault on the Hussainiya Baqiyatullah on Saturday, in which scores of Shia Muslims were killed by the Nigerian Army units under the pretext that members of the Hussainiya initiated an attack on the army chief's convoy with the intention to assassinate him - a charge vehemently denied by Sheikh al-Zakzaky.

Sheikh al-Zakzaky has been instrumental in successfully leading the Nigerian Muslims in a peaceful and non-violent approach towards Islamic self-determination and battling rampant corruption. Consequently he has faced violence and has been incarcerated on multiple occasions in the past. Last year he had also suffered the loss of two of his children as they were gunned down after Quds Day demonstrations.

Muslim Congress condemns the killings of all innocent Shiahs in Nigeria, especially the wife of Hujjatul Islam Sheikh Zakzaky and his children and denounces his detention and pray for his safety from further harm. We demand the Nigerian government to immediately release him and ensure equal rights for all shiah citizens of the region.

We request all momineen to keep Sheikh Zakzaky in their prayers during these days of tribulations for his family, friends and followers.

wassalamu alaikum

Muslim Congress

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The Salafi-Takfiri and their monarchist masters were probably really annoyed when it was announced that after Karbala-Iraq, the largest crowd for Arbaeen was gathered in Nigeria this year.

It was well planned by the party of Shaitan. They want to completely 'shut down' the Shia movement's activities in Nigeria. They were bombed many times before by suicide bombers who were sent by well organized networks. They started this a few years ago and killed many, amongst them 2 sons of Sheikh Zakzaky. Now this time they went for a full operation. The entire Shia centers ran by Sheikh Zakzaky are destroyed, even the movement's official website is down.

I am not 100% sure... but at least 99%...... and I truly believe Saudi Arabia or Qatar and all these Wahabi Gulf states and their money are behind this.... they always hated to see Shias are growing in Africa, especially in Nigeria. In Wahabi medias, the Islamists or the secular Arab nationalist media, they always complained and described themselves as victimized by Shiaization of Sunni communities, in Nigeria, Egypt, Sudan, and other states. Saudi is losing in Yemen big time... now the Wahabi dogs want to take it out on poor Shia communities from Pak to Iraq to Africa and elsewhere via bombings, terrorism and by their money to buy anti-Shia local haters and fund them... creating chaos.

Anyhow, many ppl are killed and an entire community of millions are targeted, an entire sect (Shias) who makes up now at least 5-6 million. Lets see the reaction of those who send millions of ppl to the streets to chant slogans against the west and Israelis when a Palestinian Wahabi guy is attacked in Palestine. Poor Shia blood has no value worldwide even amongst Shia governments, scholars, preachers, or communities.  So why we should even complain that no one reports such 'big' and unjust 'massacre' of helpless Shias in western or eastern media.. or any government or party sympathizing with them.

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What saddens me most is that in similar cases there have been more activities on SC, but for this one ...

when some dancers are killed the whole globe is on the alert, in  a Shia website like SC long pages are dedicated to different analysis and perspectives about that incedent, yet when Shia are killed in such a brutal way, there's no similar attention given to the matter. even in shia website. 

again shows how much our minds, perspectives, priorities, ideals etc are controlled by  "others".

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