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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Are the good Muslims left alone?

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@Hussaini624 That is certainly true about the youth. Whenever I am with my local shi’a community it is only the older generation who know of the spiritual and positive importance of Islam and are extremely happy when they see someone of my age (19) who converted and sees Islam in the same way they do. Apart from a sister I know in the community who is very modest and devout, most of the youth do not care when they’re at these religious events. I saw a person my age texting and on Snapchat during Ashura as shi’a were mourning for Imam Hussain and many are regular drinkers. 

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Salaam Alaykum Brother/Sister

I understand what you mean. I also see those Muslims who participate in their parties. It makes me sad. That is the reason I'm lonely most of the time. I want to celebrate this day with my Muslim friends and be happy together, but there is not those people that I'm looking for. Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR BROTHER

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On 1/1/2018 at 3:33 AM, Ali-F said:

Back then  (when I was a kid) I loved New Years eve. Fireworks, loud noises and good food.

Now I realize that people in the West (young generation) usually celebrate with alcohol and so on. The worst part is that even Muslims participate in this (+ Shia-muslims). They gather around alcohol, loud music and perhaps women. God forbid they may also drink alcohol. Personally a Muslim (who I know) admitted on Snapchat that he drank wine. 

As a Muslim, who strive to do good and follow the path of God, I find these  gatherings sad. Where are we left? Some (including me) don't have other likeminded people in the city. We may find it difficult actually to find someone who follows the path of God. This makes me wonder what we have of solutions?

And no, I'm not lonely. I have non-Muslim friends and also Muslims (however not 'good Muslims). I also have a happy life but New Years Eve makes me quite hopeless: Is the Muslim youth in a crisis? Why the alcohol and party? Why not doing other halal things? 


Assalamu alaykum,

I empathize with you dear brother. In a society where the entire philosophy of life has been reduced to the five sensory experiences, results cannot be very different. I myself am a regular butt of jokes within my friends- circle for the very reasons you have mentioned.

The fault lies as much with the previous generation as it does with the present generation. Children are but toys made of clay- they turn out to be as and how the craftsman moulds and shapes them. In this age of surging materialism, when bringing up the children is a serious challenge, the laxity which the majority of parents display towards the religious/Islamic education and development of their children is indeed appalling. They indeed do not even have quality time to spend with their offspring, let alone inculcating Islamic values in them.

All types of haram distractions and seductions will be there. Peer pressure will always be there. The mass-media belching out un-Islamic content will always be there. However, that the children do not succumb to these enticements and keep their backbone straight, remaining firmly on their deen, is very much a responsibility of the parents

This present generation is undoubtedly a cause of worry, but I am more concerned about the next generation i.e. the one after ours. With parents such as these youths, how will it turn out to be?

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Out of the Billion Plus "Muslims" living in "Muslim" countries. Few Million have moved to the West. Lets' assume for the argument sale its 100 Million around the world in west and other non Muslim countries. These will go through a grinder, and the pulp and the juice will separate. You need to be on the Juice side and guide your family towards it. Even 1% out of the 100 Million will be 1 Million families. Far more effective vs the rest of the billions in "Muslims" countries. 

Stay Attached to Karbala- And the Message/Role Models . Whatever we have is from Karbala - So, don't let them sidetrack you in shirk/bidah issues. I would say 'Ya Ali" , Ya Hussain, Ya Abbas all day long. Because I know the reality of what it does to me and the ones who try to get the spiritual antidote from it to deal with the Spiritual viruses.

Ambassador: a person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity.

Listen from 18Min - 

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