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Thoughts 2018

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20 minutes ago, IbnSina said:


They are cutting it down for firewood or what do you mean? They just cut down their trees to get more sun on their yard maybe?

No, they don't seem to burn firewood. I haven't noticed any smoke anyway. Probably they cut all the trees so they have a golf course looking lawn, or so they don't have falling leaves, or so they have to run the air conditioning harder in the summer due to no shade on the house, or so they have to run the heating more in winter due to no windbreak. It's theirs, they can do what they want. But I am totally baffled by the removal of their beautiful deck. 

Rich people are weird. I guess I am one now thanks to my husband, but probably I'll never understand their motivations. 

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Irfan is just like medicine.

Both an underdose and an overdose can injure your spiritual health when spiritually sick.

And it must be dispensed only by a certified specialist.:grin:


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1 minute ago, hasanhh said:

"...that still doesn't explain everything about me?"

:D"A suggested sentence correction."

:grin:'Just another thought."

Thanks. I suppose everyone has their own kind of weird. I'm just used to mine. 

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9 minutes ago, hasanhh said:

Then how do you explain cutting up a deck?

I don't know. Now they have put in some steps that just walk out onto the mud. I assume the steps are temporary since there's still equipment around their yard. They took down the chain-link pen that they built for their dog just a few months ago too. I expect more construction and I'm hoping it eventually makes sense. 

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The news this weekend is showing a marijuana wedding in --you guessed it-- California.

Couldn't find a link, but in a search there was another wedding where guests were 'served' $8,000 in weed.

l guess, in the future, businesses won't 'cater' weddings but 'deal' weddings.


lmagine this future headline:

"Bride Becomes Widow on Her Wedding Day: Groom Overdoes on Heroin"

Not too far off in the future, l'm afraid.

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