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If Imams were true successors, why no kingship?

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Our tenth imam, Imam Ali Al-Hadi (a) answers beautifully.

One day the caliph Muntasir said to him, “You consider yourself the most closest creature to Allah and do not consider anyone as your equal in superiority and honor although we are much better and superior to you. If Allah had been pleased with you, you would have been the ruler and we, your subjects.”

Hearing these stupid words the Imam did not say anything. Again he repeated those words. Again the Imam observed forbearance. When he repeated them the third time, the Imam was infuriated and he said,

“If temporal kingdom is the proof of rightfulness, every prophet must have been a king. Our superiority is due to our own merits, while your greatness is due to a rulership of limited duration. You rule over physical bodies while we reign over the hearts.”




Amazing source that I recommend everyone to read and take example from; https://www.al-islam.org/akhlaq-al-aimma-morals-manners-holy-imams-maulana-sayyid-zafar-hasan-amrohi/forbearance-holy-imams




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Such an amazing and beautiful response that shows what the true nature of Islam is. It reminds me of a quote that goes along the lines of “The decrepit house with laughter is richer than the palace where there is none” 

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