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Shah Khan

Are there Zaidi Shias in ShiaChat.com?

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2 hours ago, Ashvazdanghe said:

If you belive in Wilayah of Imam Ali (alayhi Salam ) you will automatically consider as a shia ,but I think if you are not in favor of Ithna Ashari it’s better to follow Zaidy school because they are more near to Ithna Ashari & it Is not good to be in this suspended & flowing state in my opinion.

Perhaps I'll just be in a "manzil bayna manzilatayn" lol (kidding). Well, if you read about classical Ahnāf (like Imām al-Jassās), I'd consider myself like them - not in terms of knowledge of course, just outlook. I have no need of the relatively modern sectarian lines that divide us today.

But thanks very much for your input!

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