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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

The Consultation


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The Consultation

When the Prophet, by God, was given his mission,
Tell me who was the first to believe, and give his submission?

When the Prophet, invited to a feast, and announced to his clan,
Tell me who was the one who declared his support, though not yet a man?

When Quraysh tried to murder the Prophet, as he lay in his bed,
Tell me who was the one who sold his soul, and slept in his stead?

When the Prophet, had joined to each Muslim, another,
Tell me who was the one who the Prophet, chose as his brother?

When challengers stepped forth, at Badr’s wells, trading blows,
Tell me who was the foremost in defeating the chiefs and heroes?

When the armies were routed, and he was abandoned at Uhud and Hunayn,
Tell me who was the one who stood by the Prophet, when no one else did remain?

When the Prophet was anxious at Khaybar, and the Muslims were losing the war,
Tell me who was it that defeated Marhab and Harith and lifted the door?

When the defences were breached, and God’s Prophet called you at Khandaq,
Tell me who was the riser, by whose hand entire infidelity was struck?

When the beggar came to God’s house, with outstretched palms,
Tell me who was the one who even while bowing, gave him alms?

When the Prophet, closed to the mosque all but one door,
Tell me whose was the house that this honour was truly for?

When the monks of Najran, for Mubahila had come to oppose,
Tell me who were the representatives, that the Prophet had chose?

When it was a time of need, and no one else was prepared to give,
Tell me who was it that fed the orphan, needy and captive?

When God ordered that charity should be given, and all turned averse,
Tell me who was the one who fulfilled the terms of the colloquy verse?

When the Prophet had said, you are to me as Harun to Musa had been,
Tell me who was addressed as such, and what did he mean?

When God decreed that five be gathered under the Yamani cloak,
Tell me who was it about which the verse of purification spoke?

When the Prophet said “I am the city of knowledge and there is its gate”,
Tell me whose name was it then that he used to state?”

When the Master of Muslims, at Ghadeer, the Prophet stood up to declare,
Tell me whose hand did he raise, or were you not there?

When the Prophet had passed, and it was a pain no one could bear,
Tell me who washed his body and read his funeral prayer?”

They said “O Ali, this was all you, and this none can deny,
You do not exaggerate your virtues, nor do you tell a lie!”

He said “So what is it in me of which you do not approve,
While superiority over me, no one can prove?”

They said “then to you we offer the Caliphate on just one condition,
That you follow the Qur’an, the Prophet, and your predecessors’ tradition.”

He said, “the Qur’an and the Prophet, this much I obey,
Apart from that I have no need of adherence to any third way.”

They said “Then Ali, to you allegiance we cannot pledge,
and if you do not submit, then we will give you the sword’s edge.”

He said, “For the sake of Islam, this much I will endure,
To avoid calamity, and disunity, is what I wish to ensure.”

“But I can see with clarity, that for you this will end in regret,
How great will be the troubles, that this affair will beget.”



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