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In the Name of God بسم الله

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Guest Talha

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I am a revert.. and the lone in a house full of wahabis.. i reverted 3 years ago. And i am from [EDIT]. Now i know i cant have a sunni nikah which is not a nikah actually.. how can i find some shia revert for marriage or for mutah in [EDIT]. It is serious. No pun no exaggeration intended. 

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[EDIT] to remove city and country. Do not post personal information. Marriage solicitation is against the site rules.
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Salam. Marriage solicitations are against ShiaChat rules. It is not allowed to post your personal information such as your location, email address or real name. If you want to meet someone for marriage, please inform the Muslims (in the city where you live) that you want to get married OR see this topic for more information:


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