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In the Name of God بسم الله

Is organ donation allowed in our sect?

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Guest Batool zaidi

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30 minutes ago, Guest Batool zaidi said:

Can i become an organ donor? is it allowed that if and when i die my organs be transplanted and donated to someone else?

Organ transplantation and organ donation (while alive or after death) are serious questions that have been asked to Shia Ulema and the answer is that it depends on your marja. The links to the document below mention some rulings by Ayatullah al-Khu’i RA, Ayatullah Jawad Tabrizi RA, Ayatullah Sistani HA, Ayatullah Nasir Makarim HA, and Ayatullah Khamenei (also spelled Khamanie). Please read the document carefully because there are conditions to note.



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