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Doubts about najasa

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Selam aleykum. 

Does any one know the rulings regarding unknowingly wearing 'najis' clothes during salah, fasting reading quran etc etc. Or in general just being najis yourself. 

Recently I have started to pay more attention to the concept of Tahara and am always doubtful if the clothes I'm wearing are najis or not, or whether the floor is najis etc etc. I make sure to be very cautious and wash some clothes by hand ( ones that potentially could have najasa on it as I'm doubtful about it making other clothes in the washing machine najis. However, other members of the family could put najis clothes in without my knowledge (this is another doubt) and make my tahir clothes najis. And if i 'assumed' it was pak according to ruling and later found it was najis would my prayers, fasting etc become void? 


Even though im putting in extra effort to be careful I find myself getting more anxious during salah that i'm standing infront of god in a najis state or i could be potentially touching the qur'an with najasa on me (ofcourse i do wudu.) 


And i almost Always get doubts about my wudu too. I do it twice now adays but its making my skin really dry T_T. Even then i don't mind the extra effort as long as im ASSURED i'm all pak. But i'm still not.


Pls halp T_T 

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Well, if someone snugg alcohol into your drink, then it really wasn't your fault! So if someone purposely made your clothes najis, without you even knowing, then your prayer is not void. Also, if your clothes could be containing najis or anything that makes your prayer a void, but it is dry, then it is here where I do not know whether it is a void or not. But since you wash them, EVEN BY HAND those clothes SHOULD be good to go. I know also a rule in which my Imam of the mosque told me. It was you cannot have sexual acts while fasting. If you do, then you pay kaffara! As for reading Quran, if you cant touch it but performing wudu, then it would only make sense to be pure of najis. Najis could also be blood, but I too aren't sure if it is still najis if it is dried up. To pure yourself from najis, then I could only say about the boys. They have to say, just like in their prayer "ani an AGSUL GISALATAN AL JANASA gurbatain ila lahi al ta3ala" then Allahu Akbar, then was the right side of the body and switch to the left side. But I do not know about how a woman should do it.

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