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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

House loan, Interest

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Hello Guys

I asked question to Sistanis office about interest and i really would like more knowledge on the issue.

Here is the deal:

I live in Sweden and would like to buy a house and for that i need to take a bank loan and with that comes interest.

The thing is that i dont need  to buy the house (i have a apartment that i pay rent) but i want for couple of reasons, (good to have a house, property increases in value, good for children etc..)

And this i explained in the question do Sistanis office.

Here is the answer:

In the Name of God, the Most High 

یجوز قبضه بنیة مجانیة ولایجوز قبضه بنیة الاقتراض. 

If a Muslim intends to get a loan from a non-Muslim bank, it is necessary that he should do so with the intention that it is a transaction without return, even if he knows that he will end up paying the capital as well as the interest. And he should not do so with the intention of getting the loan with the condition of [paying] interest.


I have couple of questions:

  1. Why is there a difference from non-muslims and muslims? Because if its not riba then it would be ok to take same loan from muslims?
  2. How is it permissble to take loan with interest just by making intention? Could i do other haram things and just make intention about something else? Eat pork and make intention that its chicken?..you get the point
  3. What do they mean that is is transaction without return? (I see on website they write, securing money from their hands) What does it mean?
  4. Is this not riba that we are warned about? And if not so what is the difference?
  5. Is it a way around inflation of the money in modern society? Hard for muslims to save money when money is loosing value each year.

I always thing about following hadith from Imam Ali (as):
The Holy Prophet (S) has cursed one who accepts interest, one who pays interest, one who buys interest,
one who sells interest, one who writes the contract of interest and one who is the witness of this transaction.

I really would like to take the loan but i somehow want to be sertain and I really should accept what Sistani and his office write but i really want more knowledge on why they say like this that it is permissible.

Do you guys know some books, articles, videos about the issue where it is explained. Did our Imams talk about it?

Thank you guys.

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