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Need help with a wood fire clay oven

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My cooking skills are rudimentary at best.I would like to know if any brothers/sisters have used a wood fire clay oven before.I have so far learned to make pizza from but failed when I tried to cook a leg of mutton.Would love to hear @Darth Vader thoughts since his are only cooking posts I have read so far.

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On 6/25/2017 at 8:39 PM, peace4alltheworld said:

wood fire clay oven

Hmm I don't remember mentioning having used that particular cooking device. Is it enclosed like other ovens or open on top? What particular issues did you need help with? As far as mutton leg is concerned I have cooked them in a pressure cooker and the results were surprisingly good. To do this, you have to marinate the mutton (or beef). Cut it deeply before marination if you want it to serve it looking like a leg or make smaller chunks of the meat like when doing boneless or manchurian (I prefer the latter). Be sure to rub salt on to it (in Peshawar, they rub only salt and the taste is unbelievably good) or add salt to the marinade. Let sit for a few hours or overnight in the refrigerator. Next, when you are ready to cook, add oil and cleaned whole potatoes into the pressure cooker along with one chopped onion and let these touch the bottom of the vessel instead of the meat. Add meat. If you have not added soy sauce before then pour it over the meat now. Close the lid and let it cook on full burner for one hour at least or 80 minutes at most depending on the intensity of the flame.

*WARNING* Be very careful with the pressure cooker device. DO NOT open its lid without first depressurizing it completely by lifting the weight off and letting all the steam escape! My advice assumes that your pressure cooker is in working order and does not leak steam or water due to weakened rubber seal around the lid.

I dare all to make a better tasting meat. ^^ Yes, only salt, no garlic or chillies, nothing fancy, and soy sauce. So, salt and soy sauce and that's it. The onion is only there to burn instead of the meat. The whole potatoes will be baked and go well with the meat. You will not need bread to eat with it.

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The oven looks something like this. What I really wanted to know if you ever used anything similar to cook something as big as a mutton leg.My experience with it has been that if a put something covered in aluminum foil it usually gets cooked but if I tried to without one it would usually end up being under or over cooked. May be I am just a amateur.

Yes you are right about salt and meat. I have been searching for ages for someone who could help me master the art of making a real mutton sajji. Cooking the meat till it is tender by placing it near a fire not on it and usually takes 6 to  8 hours. Another thing is all meat tastes good if it is fresh once you put it in the freezer you kill the taste although slowly. There is really nothing better eating a Partridge within a few hours you hunt it. Thank for your words of wisdom. I will keep that in mind.


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