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Cutting off hands of a thief

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Conditions for cutting a thief's hand:

1- He has to be adult (Bāliq)

2- He has to be sane.

3- He has stolen by his choice.

4- The stolen thing has to be at least one forth of Dīnār.

5- He knows that what he is taking is other's, not him.

6- He has not to be shareholder of what he has stolen.

7- The stolen thing had to be in a secure place and closed door so that thief had to break the security of that place. So if someone else opens the door for him or he steals from public places like mosque, this punishment will not be implemented.

8- He steals in secret.   

9- He has not stolen out of necessity (ʼIdhtirār) and desperation.

10- The thief has not to be the father of whom he has stolen from. So the hand of father will not be cut because he has stolen his child's properties.

And other conditions have been mentioned as well. 

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