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Qareen- Shia view and it's implications

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Salaam all, and thank you for participating. 

I'm wondering the majority opinion concerning the substance of Qareen in the Shia world.

From what I read in Quran, it mentions that only those who turn away from God's beneficence will be assigned a Qareen, but we have hadith and literature (from what I know in Sunni world) that the Prophet SAW said we all have qareen including himself. 

With regard to the hadith of Muhammad, “There is none of you who does not have a companion (qareen) appointed for him from among the jinn.” They said, “Even you?” He said, “Even me, but Allaah helped me against him fa aslama [or fa aslamu], so he only tells me to do that which is good.”

There are two well-known views that have been reported. Those who read the phrase as fa aslamu said that it means, “So I am safe [aslamu] from his evil and temptation.” Those who read it as fa aslama said that it means, “The qareen became Muslim [aslama] and became a believer, so he only tells me to do that which is good.” [8]


This makes me wonder about the Prophet Muhammads SAW substance as a person/soul comparer to us.  It seems to fit alongside a narrative supposing Muhammad was an erring human like the rest of us but just was best representation of a human being the best it can be, rather than a being we can never hope to achieve the same level in terms of piety and belief.

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From Ziyarat e Jami'a Kabeer* taught by Imam Hadi (peace and blessings be upon him) :

*more can be read from Mafatih al Jinan


"Allah made you reach the noblest position of glory

the highest station nearest to Allah

and the loftiest status of the Messengers

where none can ever reach you

nor can anyone surpass you

nor can anyone ever precede you

No can anyone look forward to reaching your positions

even the favorite Angels went for it

nor the commissioned Prophets

nor a friend nor a martyr

nor a scholar nor an ignorant

nor an inferior nor a superior

nor a pious faithful

nor a wicked sinner

nor an obstinate tyrant

nor a devilish rebel

nor any other being had ever been there"


So if the above is how we should address the a'imma (blessings be upon all of them), the Prophet's station is at least as great. 

So he (peace and blessings be upon him and his pure progeny) is the best of creation AND someone whose station we will not able to reach.

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