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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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Woe Unto You (Call by Conscience)

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Woe onto you O! you who says to love Ahlebait a.s,

Have you did all what they told you!

Did you fast every day and feel the pain of the orphans who are starving,

Do you pray and prostrate in the manner that they told you?

Did you weep in the sujood and every Ruku by remembering your sins,

Remembering that how negligent were you in saying thanks to God!

Woe unto you! Who says I am Shia-e-Ali,

While you have not stopped lying and fooling others,

Woe unto you! Who says I am lover of Ahlebait a.s,

Have you given up long desires?

Woe unto you! Who Says I am servant of Ahlebait a.s,

Who stay silent and does not do anything,

And do not do acts to shorten the occultation of Imam e Zamana a.s,

Woe unto you! Who believes that he is immune from hell due to love of Ahlebait a.s,

Do not you remember your previous sins among which, a single sin is sufficient to put you in hell.

You should have dug deep and put your face into soil and buried it, so, that your lord would not see it.

Alas! Ya Rab, forgive me for my sins, for the sake of Ahlebait a.s,

I was fooled by my nafs and this world and forgot you while sinning,

While now that I abhor my sins and my past, and understood that you are watching me always do not turn me away.

O! Ali ibn Abu Talib, I tried my best but could not prove myself to be as good as you wanted your shia be, 

Now that my own hopes are exhausted as regards my actions, I request you to pray for me and intercede on my behalf so that I be as good as your real Shia. 

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سبحان الله

Oh you who believe!

The Household sends their holy Salaam upon you!

Flowers have risen upwards!

You shall rise on the Day!

Step on the heads of the failed ones!

The Truth has come near!

Our Lord!

His Upper Majesty and Kindness!

Knows best of our cognition!

Stand up!


Like the rocks move from their stance!



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