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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Processing food with alcohol

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I was reading the ingredients of a product and one of them was vanillin. I contacted the company who manufactures the product to investigate whether the vanillin was extracted using alcohol or not, and this was the answer:

"The vanillin in our products is derived from lignin. While the vanillin does originally contain alcohol, there is no alcohol in the finished product."

After that, I contacted them again because I wanted to know if the vanillin originally contains ethyl alcohol, and this was the answer:

"While ethanol is used in the production process, there is no ethanol or ethyl alcohol in the final product. I regret to inform you that the details of our production process are proprietary."

I want to know, since there is no alcohol in the final product, is it Halal to eat it? Or is it haram because alcohol was used in the production process?

Thank you in advance.

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^^^^^ @ss99 good question.

l bought vanilla last Winter and saw the alcohol in the ingredients.

Ethyl is volatile so once you heat it above a certain temperature when cooking it all evaporates. So it is no longer in the baking. The alcohol will boil off at 173 degrees F/~79 degrees C.

Now this is -apparently- not true for something like a Rum Cake. The rum retains a certain amount of alcohol within its syrup.

Other: alcohol is an intermediate stage to vinegar. Vinegar is permissible.

So in summation, keeping all this in mind, make your judgment concerning everything every time.

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@hasanhh Thank you for your answer! I know alcohol evaporarse, but the product is not baked or cooked. 

My doubts are not because the remaining alcohol, because the company said that the final product has no alcohol in it. My main concern is that since alcohol is najis, would it be haram to eat something processed with it, even if at the end there is no alcohol remaining?

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@ss99  l know the vanilla l bought for mixing in milk l can't use because alcohol is listed.

There ought to be a web site where this is better explained. l can't remember the nuances explained in mosque. Most "references" will probably say it is better to avoid any source of najis even if it does evaporate.

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