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Guest Jackiman

Do you think prophets accelerated the progress of

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Guest Jackiman

Do you think prophets accelerated the progress of human race ?

for example if it wasn't for Muhammad, we would properly still be living in the middle ages, Byzantine and Persia would still be doing their thing for centuries, skirmishes of the Euphrates. That river bank will never dry of blood, true even until now. Byzantine would be still probably perished by Macedonian-type-of kingdom and Alexandrian rulers emerged. Mongols would be still at their steppe if no Khwarizmi kingdom messed up with their dignity.

Remember, major event just a century before Muhammad was only Cyrus the great uniting Persian kingdoms and will be just like that centuries after, another great king would make remarkable (local) conquest here and there in other parts of the world, and even more true in south east Asia, where the advancement slowly came, until 14th century, rulers were still on their local wars, just like millennials before.

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