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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

has anyone seen the tv series Farouk Omar ?

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17 minutes ago, HumanForLife said:

worth watching ?

I have not watched all of it, but I know that it is accurate according to Sunni historical records. Each episode is reviewed by a collection of 'religious scientists' before the Qatari government allows it to be aired.

As a large portion of it depicts Umar's life after the Prophet, the series contains more clashes with the Shi'i version of history than a movie such as, say The Message, would. It will also be inevitably filled with Sunni-propaganda and undue glorification of Umar. Not least of all, Imam Ali appears in the series and his face is shown, which some may find inappropriate.

I personally believe you can gain more knowledge reading one of the many Sunni histories available in English.

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A historical novel that has often been recommended to me is "The Sword of Allah: Khalid bin Al-Waleed, His Life and Campaigns" by A.I. Akram, which also covers Umar's exploits in great detail. It also does a great job in describing the rivalry between Umar and Khalid throughout their respective lives.

It is available at this link: https://archive.org/details/KhalidBinAl-waleedSwordOfAllah.pdf

An excerpt:


Chapter 1: The Boy

Khalid and the tall boy glared at each other. Slowly they began to move in a circle, the gaze of each fixed intently upon the other, each looking for an opening for his attack and each wary of the tricks that the other might use. There was no hostility in their eyes â just a keen rivalry and an unshakeable determination to win. And Khalid found it necessary to be cautious, for the tall boy was left-handed and thus enjoyed the advantage that all left-handers have over their opponents in a fight.

Wrestling was a popular pastime among the boys of Arabia, and they frequently fought each other. There was no malice in these fights. It was a sport, and boys were trained in wrestling as one of the requirements of Arab manhood. But these two boys were the strongest of all and the leaders of boys of their age. This match was, so to speak, a fight for the heavy-weight title. The boys were well matched. Of about the same age, they were in their early teens. Both were tall and lean, and newly formed muscles rippled on their shoulders and arms as their sweating bodies glistened in the sun. The tall boy was perhaps an inch taller than Khalid. And their faces were so alike that one was often mistaken for the other.

Khalid threw the tall boy; but this was no ordinary fall. As the tall boy fell there was a distinct crack, and a moment later the grotesquely twisted shape of his leg showed that the bone had broken. The stricken boy lay motionless on the ground, and Khalid stared in horror at the broken leg of his friend and nephew. (The tall boy's mother, Hantamah bint Hisham bin Al Mugheerah, was Khalid's first cousin.)

In course of time the injury healed and the leg of the tall boy became whole and strong again. He would wrestle again and be among the best of wrestlers. And the two boys would remain friends. But while they were both intelligent, strong and forceful by nature, neither had patience or tact. They were to continue to compete with each other in almost everything that they did.

The reader should make a mental note of this tall boy, for he was to play an important role in the life of Khalid. He was the son of Al Khattab, and his name was Umar.


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2 hours ago, HumanForLife said:

If I remember correctly, I believe the summary said the series shows the life of the second Caliph, before and after he embraces in Islam.

Is its accurate ?


45 minutes ago, HumanForLife said:

worth watching ?


I saw it a couple of years ago and highly recommend it despite the historical inaccuracies from the Shia perspective of course.

I am usually not one to tout Saudi for anything but credit where credit is due. Very well made and directed. I actually dissuaded a couple of youths from watching it because they might fall victim to the somewhat false portrayal of Caliph Umar based on shia history.

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