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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

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Guest ruubi jaawo

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Guest ruubi jaawo

How would one begin to describe a Muslim should think of themselves? Also, but not exclusively, including aspects of culture, family, and responsibility? 

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Think of Islam as a workout routine. You need to start with the basics (5 times namaz, no shaking hands, halal food). If you start off with very difficult exercises (namaz e shab, fasting 4 months) you will get either bored (spiritual downness) or hurt (with doubts).

And then of course your surroundings!! Like a diet. Rid your life of junk food (bad influences, bad desires) and replace it with something healthy (like talking about your experience on Shiachat!)

So now you have the basics down. Lets buy some workout machines and do some more difficult workouts. And you might as well read about exercise more in depth as well. Why not get some books? There is alislam.com and jiccwindsor.com which have some pretty good reading material in PDF. And try doing namaze shab, ziyarat, hajj, extra fasting, etc to boost your Imaan.


You can view the people around you as food. Our body takes energy and vitamins from food, and gets rid of the rest. Be surrounded by good people and do not think about the rest. 


Responsibility: Religion is divided into three things-Spirituality (Irfan), Ritual (Furu e Deen) and Search for Justice (Adl). You are responsible to uphold all of these. You must perform good actions of worship, you must have your heart present in worship and it is NOT enough to simply recite Dua Kumayl on thursdays and let thousands of deaths in Syria, Yemen, Palestine, Saudi and Iraq go unnoticed.


This is how I started viewing myself when I started getting spiritual. 

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7 hours ago, Guest ruubi jaawo said:

How would one begin to describe a Muslim should think of themselves? 

1a. Must understand very quickly that all human beings are equal in the eyes of God.

1b. So one must practise treating everyone equally - the boss and the employee, for example. He must not treat his boss with more respect than his colleagues. He must not treat a minister or a government official with more respect than a chauffeur.

2. Practise self-control

2a. There are two things that one can quickly lose self-control.

2a1. Temper and sexual desire.

3. Always  speak politely to everyone - Muslim, non-Muslim, boss or colleague or employee, friend or enemy.

4. Keep reviewing your performance in the eyes of God, at frequent intervals.

There is always room for improvement. 

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