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Is this intentional injustice or human lack of progress in knowledge/science ?

Experience and observing of my life :

1. I see human want to live comfortably without the mosquito problem and without disease it caused (malaria, Deunge etc), then they built factory to produce insecticide to kill (extermination) of mosquito. (I have book that says Muslim Masjid is called MOSQUE by the west because the masjid is full of mosquito). Why we, human, kill other living things ? Are mosquito created to be hunted and killed by human ?

2. I see human want to cure from cancer. The doctor give an option to have Chemotherapy, which introduce isotope with radiation power of certain metal chemistry to cure the cancer by filling it into the body and mostly cause side effect such as changing in color of skin, hair loss. Anyway, my view it has potential to change human cells by introducing high power energy isotope into the whole body. What is wrong with other healthy tissue/cells to get exposed to isotope in chemotherapy ?

3. I see human want to cure from toothache, which is the rotten of root of teeth because of hole in the teeth. Human go to dentist and dentist drill bigger hole in his/her tooth then put a filling which most of the time not lasted for his entire life. What is wrong with the bone of teeth so that it is drilled to make bigger hole ?

4. ...

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Vice-Regency is in the Quran. lf we want to eradicate Aedes egyptae we are permitted to do so.

Personally, l think our manipulative skill in genetics is far enough along to create a 'genetic bomb' that will eradicate this species of mosquitoes. Some genes express themselves after skipping a generation and this can be done with a fragile gene.

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